Vintage Rifle
Winch pic
Ammo 5 bullets, maximum 40 bullets
Fire Rate
bullets per sec/cartridge time
TS2 : 1.5 bullets per second
TSFP : 1.4 bullets per second
Reload Time 00:02.5
Damage (per Single Shot)
TS2 : Instant Kill/30%/12.5%
TSFP : Instant kill/35%/14.5%
Type Sniper
Native Timezone 1920 - 1932 (TS2 Variant), 1924 (TSFP Variant)
Zoom Yes
TS2 : x15
TSFP : x5.5
Primary Fire Fires bullets
Secondary Fire none
Games TimeSplitters 2, TimeSplitters Future Perfect

The Vintage Rifle is an older-styled type of sniper rifle. It may look crude and sound like an old camera, but it possesses a powerful shot.


In TimeSplitters 2, the weapon resembles a Winchester lever-action rifle with a long, custom scope, whereas in TimeSplitters Future Perfect, the weapon resembles a Lee-Enfield Rifle. Both weapons were used in the early 20th century, but are equipped with different scopes. It shares ammo with the Sniper Rifle.


In TimeSplitters Future Perfect, you could be forgiven for believing that the rifle causes less damage than the Sniper Rifle; however, the vintage rifle is equally as damaging, has a larger magazine capacity (eight rounds to the sniper rifle's five), and fires at the same rate as the sniper. The only drawback is that the telescopic sights don't see as far. The vintage rifle is highly recommended for those smaller stages that still benefit from sniping.

One glitch noticeable with the TimeSplitters Future Perfect version is that when selected the charging handle at the back of the gun suddenly jerks into place as the gun appears on screen. This does not affect player use, however, and could be attributed to the gun being placed in a locked or safety mode while being stored.


  • In TimeSplitters Future Perfect, bots seen holding the vintage rifle are seen to be firing from the hip. Realistically, this would have a severe effect on accuracy due to not using the telescopic sight.
  • The variants in both games do not have their bolt/lever cycled in between shots, although, when reloading, the TSFP Vintage Rifle and Sniper Rifle's bolt is pulled back and then forward again after inserting rounds.
  • The TS3 rifle is unusual, it fires like a semi-auto rifle, but during reloading the character can be seen opening and closing the bolt.
  • The TS2 version of this reuses the TS1 Sniper Rifle's firing noise, which is strange as in TS1 the Sniper Rifle seems to have a silencer.
  • The TS3's firing noise is taken from Second Sight, another Free Radical Design game.


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