Vehicles have appeared in every TimeSplitters game, but only became driveable and place-able in Mapmaker in TimeSplitters Future Perfect, as they previously appeared only as NPCs.



Spaceways Taxi

The Spaceways Taxi is the only vehicle to appear in the original TimeSplitters. They only feature in the starting area of the Spaceways Story mission (this area is blocked off in the Spaceways Arcade level) and act as animated props that follow a scripted route at regular intervals. The taxis themselves are hovercars, based on the taxis seen in The Fifth Element, sharing both their shape and colour scheme.

TimeSplitters 2

Chicago Sedan

The Chicago Sedan is the only conventional car to appear in TimeSplitters 2. It is based on a 1932 Buick Pheaton and only appears in Chicago. It has two variants: a dark-blue limousine, driven by Big Tony's Brother, which has multiple mounted Tommy Guns, and a light-blue taxi, which can be called from a phone-booth once the Nightclub pass has been obtained. Neither is driveable, but Big Tony's Brother's version can be destroyed by gunfire.

NeoTokyo Patrol Car

The NeoTokyo Patrol Car is a hovercar that appears in NeoTokyo. They are based on the police spinners that appear in Blade Runner. They act in a similar way to cameras, in that they will sound an alarm once the player steps into their field of view. In the Challenge, Escape from NeoTokyo, a patrol car equipped with a plasma-cannon is seen, which can kill the player with a single shot.

TimeSplitters Future Perfect



The Russian Zeep.

The Zeep is found in 1969, in The Russian Connection, potentially being used by the guards to get to you quickly, if you were spotted by not being stealthy. It is also available in most tilesets in Mapmaker. It has room for a driver and one passenger. It is the only vehicle to feature in any Arcade level, as there is one in Siberia.

As a weapon, the Zeep can be used to kill enemies by running them over. An unusual thing to note is that the Zeep engine's RPM (revolutions per minute) determine its damage. For example, holding down the acceleration button for over 1.5 seconds is equivalent to flooring the gas, which will max out the number of RPM, instantly killing anything it runs into. This can be tested in Siberia; drive the Zeep to the entrance of any base. Drive up against the entrance, holding down the fire button. Although the Zeep will be stuck in place until you reverse, any players touching the front of the car will die.

The Zeep's top speed is 27 mph.

"The large front end affords the Zeep with excellent battering potential, especially with the original prototype's huge 360 cubic inch engine. Now equipped with a smaller engine, the Zeep features a tight turning radius to be for maximum maneuverability. A two-seater with limited luggage space, the notorious villain Khallos uses the Zeeps to get around his various bases of operation. It is believed that the Zeep was originally copied from an American truck. The Zeep's designers became confused with the scale of their truck research photographs, resulting in a rather nose heavy, clumsy looking buggy."

The Zeep can also behead zombies. It's name is a parody of the American SUV manufacturer Jeep, but the car takes its unsightly appearance from a converted GAZ-53.

Turbo Buggy


Machine Wars Turbo Buggy.

The Turbo Buggy is a more sleek, futuristic version of the Zeep. During the mission Machine Wars, Cortez and R-110 use it to get through a canyon of rubble infested with gun turrets. The steering-wheel is on the right side of the vehicle instead of the left, hinting that it is of British, Japanese, or Australian origin. It is faster and more manoeuvrable than the normal Zeep, and it is an item available in the Metal Lab tileset in Mapmaker.

The Turbo Buggy's top speed is 40 mph.

A 'virtual' version can also be found in the Virtual tileset; the only real difference between this and the original found in Machine Wars is a new, blue-and-red virtual colour scheme.

On the front of the Buggy is a Light that sways back and forth, just like KITT from the Knight Rider TV series.

Machine Wars Tank


Machine Wars Tank.

The Tank is used in the mission Machine Wars. Although being the slowest vehicle, it is well-armed with both a cannon and a gun turret. During the mission, the player must first drive the tank, firing at enemy tanks along the way, and then must take control of the gun turret to attack small airships flying overhead.

The tank's top speed is 22 mph.

It is based loosely on the futuristic robotic military vehicles that appear in the Terminator series. This vehicle is unavailable in Arcade and cannot be placed into a map designed using the Mapmaker.

Pickup Truck


Pickup Truck with mounted gun.

The Pickup Truck is an vintage vehicle found in the mission Scotland The Brave. One truck has a mounted gun on the back, for which the player has the option of shooting or driving (Captain Ash will always take the opposite position). The mounted gun is difficult to aim when the truck is moving, and will overheat if it is fired continuously for a long time. There are also two other variants of the pickup truck: the first has a canopy and is seen crashing off a pier before the player can reach it, while the other is a simple flat-bed, which is found on its side next to the Castle entrance (and must be flipped over for use).

It is based on the Bedford WLG flatbed truck. The Pickup Truck is not available as an item in the Mapmaker.

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