Ze TSWiki Urnsay
Urnsay was a fictional island in TimeSplitters Future Perfect. It was the setting of the story mission Scotland The Brave. A castle surrounded by a beach, Urnsay was situated in 1924, but it also acted as a cover for Kronia, a city made by Jacob Crow.

Urnsay was owned property of the United Kingdom but Archibald Khallos's Troops occupied it, having taken over the castle by force; In order to help protect Crow's mining operation of the Time Crystals beneath.

The Ministry of Defense saw this as an invasion however, and orders the Royal Navy to destroy the island by naval bombardment. Former soldier, and archaeologist, Captain Ash used his connections to suspend the attack, believing that a friend of his was being held prisoner within.

With the unexpected help of Sergeant Cortez, Ash's rescue mission resulted in a success and pulls out before the island was ultimately annihilated, collapsing into the massive sinkhole beneath.


  • The actual destruction of the island was achieved by Sgt. Cortez's destruction of the crystals, not by the Navy.
  • In February of 1924, the Trousers-Kilt ratio on Urnsay was 1:5.
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