Logo Needed
Also Known As None Others
Role Robot Manufacturer
Founded Sometime before or around 2243
Key People Jacob Crow (Head)
Products UltraNet Robots

UltraNet was another incarnation of The Brotherhood of Ultra Science, founded by Jacob Crow (Under the alias "Jack Crown"). The company is mentioned in both Machine Wars and Something To Crow About. In TimeSplitters 2, the company is mentioned as being a rebel force against the robots. We could assume that this means once Crow died, human rebels took over UltraNet and made it a force for good.

UltraNet sets a striking similar resemblance to SkyNet from the Terminator movie and TV series.

Similarities between UltraNet and SkyNet

  • There are the Machine Wars, which appear in both TS and Terminator. (Though in TimeSplitters' case, the machines are being controlled by humans)
  • "A war to destroy humanity." a Quote from both TS and Terminator.
  • In the story mission "Machine Wars" you will see big ships that emit red laser sensors across the landscape, these ships are very very similar to the HK Aeriels from Terminator 2 as they shine Lights looking for Human Survivors, like the one in Machine Wars looking for Rebels.
  • Although the times are different and the causes are different, The Machine Wars may have been inspired by Terminator.
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