Also Known As No other names
Role BioResearch corporation
Founded Sometime in or before 2052
Key People Jacob Crow (Head)
Products n/a

U-Genix is a company that was in business for at least one year (2052). It was another name for The Brotherhood of Ultra Science and later, UltraNet. It was mainly used by Crow to continue his creation of an army of TimeSplitters and for his own personal use to find the secret of immortality.

The name of the company is a pun on 'eugenics', a philosophy which seeks to improve human genes by scientific intervention (the secret goal of U-Genix).

The U-Genix building is most likely based in the United States. The Mansion of Madness was based in Connecticut, and no change of country is mentioned, suggesting it is to be assumed that the U-Genix levels also take place in the United States. Further evidence can be found in the fact that the vast majority of the characters in those levels have distinctly American accents.

Known Products

  • Four very early prototypes of the flying robots featured in the level Something To Crow About.

Possible Products

Although no weapons are every explicitly stated as being made by U-Genix, it stands to reason that most of the weapons used by their security forces would also be manufactured by them. If this is the case, then it stands to reason that the following weapons are likely made by U-Genix:

  • LX-18
  • Dispersion Gun
  • SBP090
  • SBP500
  • Mag-Charger
  • Injector
  • Mutant Serum (probably not for sale, however, but simply created as a counter-measure for containment purposes)
  • Time Grenades
  • Bots (You Genius, U-Genix)
  • Rail Bots (You Genius, U-Genix)
  • Tracked Security Robots (Breaking And Entering)
  • SecuriDroid XP (there is no relation mentioned, but he is clumped together with several U-Genix Characters in the multiplayer character selection)

Note, that if The SBP500 is made by U-Genix, then it stands to reason that the SBP090 is also made by U-Genix. If this is the case, then it establishes that U-Genix was not only in business for well over a twenty year span, but also that the weapons company held at least some international appeal. It's also worth noting that Anya tells Cortez that Time Grenades get banned at an international convention approximately one year following the shut down of U-Genix, suggesting that the company's products were well-known worldwide. Or at least known well enough that a convention would be held to ban the grenades.

Of course, it is possible that none of the weapons featured in Breaking And Entering and You Genius, U-Genix are produced by U-Genix, in which case, no further information is known as to what sort of weapons they produce.

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