Training Ground
Training Ground
Size Normal
Location In a Training area near a waterfall
Climate None
Unlockable Unlocked by Default
Recommended Bots TS2
Lt. Frost
Trooper Brown
Capt. Night
Sgt. Wood
Lt. Shade
Lt. Shade
Sgt. Rock
Private Grass
Lt. Bush
Trooper White
Private Hicks
Riot Officer
Warrant Officer Keely
R One-Oh-Seven
Lt. Black
Recommended Weapons TS2
Soviet S47
Tactical 12-Gauge
Sniper Rifle
Machine Gun
Tactical 12-Gauge
Soviet Rifle
Timed Mines
Rocket Launcher

Training Ground is a rather linear map, with two small bases on opposite sides of the map, connected by a small valley. Mounted guns are set up in bunkers near the entrances of each base, which can make entry difficult. The linear setup makes Training Ground an ideal map for team-based modes, such as Team Deathmatch. One of the level's more prominent features is the waterfall located in the middle of the valley. Weapons and a Health Pack can be found near the falls. This Map appears in TimeSplitters 2 and returns in TimeSplitters Future Perfect with a visual upgrade. In TimeSplitters Future Perfect, the turrets have been removed.

Playable Modes

All the Arcade Custom modes are playable here. This is one of the three Assault maps in TimeSplitters 2, the others being Hangar and Scrapyard. It is also the only original Assault map to return in Future Perfect.


TS2 Tips -The ledge near the red teams base in CTB is ideal for ambushing other players by jumping off of.

Waterfall Glitch

Main Article: Waterfall Glitch

When playing Shrink mode, it is possible to go behind the waterfall into an invisible mirror of the map where you can fire at enemies, but enemies cannot fire at you.

Autogun Turrets

There are usually two AP1 autogun turrets near the red team base and the blue team base. However, apart from in assault, the turrets will not automatically fire at enemies, but they can be controlled remotely using computers. In both of the bases, two of the computers have joysticks. By pressing the activate button in front of either of these computers, you will have full control of one of the autoguns. You'll also be capable of continuous fire, unlike the assault autoguns which fire in bursts. This is particularly useful in Capture the Bag, as you can damage enemies coming to your base without sustaining damage yourself. However, it is not recommended to use the autoguns in Elimination, as you will probably get shot in the back of the head a lot.


  • This map was the first revealed map for the PC Multiplayer Reboot, Timesplitters Rewind.
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