Tomb is the 'first' mission in the original TimeSplitters, and thus the 'first' mission of the series. Presumably set in Egypt, the player takes the role of Captain Ash or his assistant Lady Jayne in their search for the Ankh, laying deep within. The tomb is protected by hostile Cultists, Priestesses and various undead.

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TS1 Select Level - 1935 Tomb
Find the Cultist's ankh and return it to the shrine.

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Start going straight ahead and kill Cultist with his back faced to you. You can go inside the crypt to collect more ammo and TNT. Go inside the tomb and shoot the boxes to kill a Cultist near them before he notice you. Keep following the path and kill the Cultist on your way. Go up and you will meet a patrolling Cultist. Finish him off and keep going. Shoot the middle box to kill a covered Cultist. Go closer and look at your left where a rolling Cultist appears. Approaching behind and kill Cultist on your right behind the boxes. There's a health kit behind on the right corner if you need it. You can either jump down the hole or down the ramp behind the hole. If you're going for the speed run, jumping down is recommended. Kill the zombies, and collect the Ankh inside. Go up the ramp and kill the Timesplitters and Cultist on your way. Three zombies appears with Tommy Gun, take them out. Go all the way back to start and kill the Timesplitters spawning on your way back who most often goes down in one shot. Go inside the crypt and step into the red circle to finish this level.

If you're going for the speed run, you don't have to bother shooting anyone as you have enough health to that. Shooting anyone can be a waste of time unless they're blocking your path which is usually on your way back.


Timesplitters 1 showcase Tomb (Story on Normal)

Timesplitters 1 showcase Tomb (Story on Normal)




  • The outside of the Tomb is based on the real life temple of Ramses II.
  • The tomb itself contains many pieces of actual ancient Egyptian art. However, some of it contradicts, as Akhenaten, the Pharaoh who abolished the traditional gods, is shown repeatedly next to murals of the well-known gods like Anubis, Ra and Osiris. Also, in Hard mode and Arcade mode, there are several coffins textured with real photos of King Tut's coffins.
  • On hard, this is the only level where Timesplitters spawns without the item required to win. There are a total of 6 spawning.