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Time To Split picks up right where TimeSplitters 2 Story mode left off. After escaping the Space Station in TimeSplitters 2, Cortez flew back to Earth with the Time Crystals. The mission begins after Cortez's crash landing.


Sergeant Cortez returns from a daring assault on a TimeSplitter-infested space station. With him he carries Time Crystals stolen from the TimeSplitters which could bring the war to an end. On his final approach a laser hit causes his ship to malfunction and Cortez is forced to crash land. It is essential that he brings the crystals back to Spacetime Marine HQ.

Primary Objectives

  • Reach the rebel base
  • Use the gun emplacement to defend against the TimeSplitter attack
  • Help defend the rebel base


Characters Encountered





Cortez starts off upside and is led by a fellow soldier to the base. Note the character standing on the cliff; this small detail is a major link to another mission. Follow the soldiers down the ravine and kill all the humanoid enemies firing at you. Follow the soldiers over the wreckage to the lower side of the ravine and move on. The Sci-Fi Handgun has a weak scope that will make it easier to score headshots from far away.

The large glowing green boxes are fuel cells that you can shoot and destroy enemies with. Target them first to conserve ammo. The boxes with a purple stripe on the ground are usually Grenades. The ones with a red stripe are medical kits. Armor comes in the form of a blue Kevlar vest. Ammunition comes boxes marked according to their weapon. One of the enemies you've killed should have dropped a Plasma AutoRifle. Be sure to take one and stow it away (normal and hard), since you'll need it later.

Take care of the enemies near the bridge by destroying the boxes. Continue on to an area which is defended by two of the humanoids with Plasma Autorifles. A soldier gives you a Sci-Fi Sniper and orders you to take them out. For saftey, activate the shield first, then step out and shoot the fuel cells behind the snipers. This will clear the nest.

Take out the Plasma Autorifle and prepare to fight a few TimeSplitters. Follow the canyon's path and keep a look out for the dust and the distinct shimmer that give away a TimeSplitter. Note that the TimeSplitters usually uncloak before they attack. They also turn visible if they are shot. You can also trace the origin of fire when they shoot lightning. Take out the few TimeSplitters here, or run towards the bunker. There is a heavy plasma gun ahead that Cortez can man. In 2-Player Co-Op, there are two turrets.

The plasma turret gun has unlimited ammo unlike your Plasma AutoRifle, so take advantage of it to destroy the waves of TimeSplitters who assault your position. Sweep the cliffs, then the canyon entrance you came from, then sweep back to the cliffs to your left. On co-op, each player can cover one side and in turn, each other. Once the splitter wave is stemmed, move on to the last battle.

Make sure to refill your supply with the grenades and power-ups strewn about before leaving the plasma gun, then move ahead to the next area. The objective here is to aid the Marines in defending the base. A good strategy is to hide behind the bunker and attack the splitters. There are more grenades and health pick-ups stored there, and you can throw grenades at oncoming TimeSplitters from behind cover. Kill 20 splitters (more on hard, less on easy) and the base's door will unlock, ending the stage.



  • After the beginning of the level, a soldier makes a reference to TimeSplitters 2. He asks about what happened to Corporal Hart, but soon drops the question.
  • When Cortez defends the outpost using the gun emplacement, a soldier yells "They're coming out the walls! They're coming out the goddamn walls!" This is a reference to the 1986 sci-fi film Aliens.
    • At around the same point, another senior soldier tells Cortez to "Shoot anything with teeth bigger than it's face!" This could possibly be a reference to the 1997 film Starship Troopers, which features a similarly authoritative figure shouting "Shoot anything with more than two legs!".
  • In this mission, the bridge is destroyed before the TimeSplitter Mothership is shot down. However, in The Hooded Man, Cortez shoots down the ship before the bridge is destroyed. After passing the bridge, if the player looks at where the bridge was, they will see rounds being fired at the Mothership where the turret was before the bridge was destroyed.
  • Glimpses of Future Cortez can be seen in this level, such as; at the beginning of the level, if you look on top of the cliffs, you can see Cortez from the future. Near the end of the level, a marine even shouts: "We're gettin' fire support from somewhere!" - if the player looks towards the ridge just opposite the building, you can see Future Cortez firing at the TimeSplitters with a sniper.
  • In the cutscene after this level, where the time machine used by Cortez is shown for the first time, the screen shows the destination as Scotland, the year as 1924, the month as February, and the latitude and longitude as 58 and -2 respectively, which corresponds to the North Sea, just northeast of Scotland. The time machine also has a warning that there are high levels of Buckfast detected. This is likely a reference to Buckfast Tonic Wine, as Scottish people are often stereotyped as being alcoholics in the UK, where Free Radical is based, and Buckfast (nicknamed Bucky) is a stereotypical drink of choice.