Time Disruptor Grenade
Ammo 5
Fire Rate
bullets per sec/cartridge time
Reload Time N/A
Damage (per Single Shot)
100%/100%/100% (Splash)
Type Grenade
Native Timezone 2052
Zoom No
Primary Fire Throw Grenade
Secondary Fire N/A
Games TimeSplitters Future Perfect

The Time Disruptor Grenade or Time Grenade is a type of grenade from TimeSplitters Future Perfect. It works like any other grenade would, but this type also slows time for anybody in the explosion except for the person who threw the grenade. However, the user may still be damaged by the force of the explosion if close enough to it. A shockwave ripples through space for a few feet in every direction from the blast of the grenade and anything caught in it is slowed down in time. A player can only hold an amount of five at one time like any other grenade type. The Time Disruptor Grenade is only usable in a few story mode levels and doesn't appear in any other modes of the game. Enemies caught in the explosion slow down in time drastically, however, if the user walks through the explosion, everything will be slightly slowed down for a few seconds. Ironically on the top of the box says "Do not leave around".

Time Disruptor Grenades are not available in Arcade mode, but are obtainable with an Action Replay device on a Gamecube system.


You Genius, U-GenixEdit

Time Disruptor Grenades

The first set of TDG that Cortez finds

Time Disruptor Grenades are used in the secret-labs of U-Genix.

They are known to be "very dangerous" and were banned during the Peckham convention in 2055, according to Anya.