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In Brief

The TimeSplitters Wiki is a wiki that anyone can edit. It is a wiki dedicated to the TimeSplitters Series and related.

Created on the 28th of April 2006 by Elite Yoshi, the main aims of the Wiki are to provide a wiki based on all TimeSplitters knowledge and to provide extensive information of the series.

The wiki moved to Wikia in February 2008. See the FAQ for information.


It is unknown why Elite Yoshi decided to start the wiki, however if he had not then the site would not have been discovered and developed further. The original wiki was very basic, lacked formatting and looked unprofessional. Regardless, at the time the founder and one or two other users had laid down the basics.

Nearly 3 months after being created (records show July 24th 2006), Xylaquin found the wiki after searching for a timesplitters wiki on the internet. He had in the past had a website of his own which displayed large quantaties of information, yet due to server errors it was lost, the website was not a wiki however. The next website similar to Xylaquin's first attempt at an ultimate TimeSplitters resource was "The TimeSplitters Wiki Database", a first attempt at a TimeSplitters wiki; but it was largely different in that it ran different software and only contained less than 20 pages before being given up on.

In finding Elite Yoshi's wiki, Xylaquin set about 'the first revolution', with a new-found productiveness and will to create the best information source for TimeSplitters in the world, the wiki was largely formatted and content gradually came in. This lasted for a few months untill the basics of all pages, Characters, Maps, Weapons etc were all done- all that was left was the gritty specifics.

Unfortunately the productiveness began to wear-off once the wiki had got to this stage and progress was much slower. This was the case for a long time, but progress was made nonetheless and by this time Elite Yoshi the founder was inactive and had not logged in for a long time, and so Xylaquin assumed the de facto title of Head Admin.

'The Second Revolution' came with the beginning of ILHI's registration on June 9th 2007. ILHI gradually became more active, then soon shot up to a productiveness level that echoed Xylaquin's past. The articles were now gaining more content, coupled with the professional look set down by Xylaquin and the time the site had been online: more users were editting.

On 1st February 2008, a member of staff at Wikia invited the administrators of the original wiki to be hosted on their wiki farm, as opposed to the original editthis farm. This marked some significant changes, however once the wiki was transferred the admins began tweaking the wiki to suit the new surroundings. Along with this, the Wikia staff pointed out that the original logo we used was breaching copyright; Our original logo was the Wikipedia logo with TimeSplitters characters standing/fighting/posing on it, created by Drksnpr14. A while after the transfer, Xylaquin handed the de facto title of Head Admin to ILHI in terms of ILHI taking Xylaquin's place as main editor in terms of admin and pages.

Finally, what might be considered 'The Third Revolution' is currently underway with the new look/features of the wiki being implemented, however what defines this 'revolution' is best left till the future. The TimeSplitters Wiki is indeed the largest and arguably the best source of information all-in-one site for the complete series, with a considerable place in the community and a firm foot set towards it's ultimate goal.

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