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TimeSplitters Rewind
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TimeSplitters Rewind
Released TBA
Platforms Microsoft Windows
Publisher Cinder Interactive Arts
Characters/Maps All
Modes All
Max Players 16

TimeSplitters Rewind is an upcoming TimeSplitters fan game being developed by a team of fans for PC using Unreal Engine 4. The project is being led by a group currently nicknamed "Cinder Interactive Arts". The project gained initial traction from the previously named 100,000 Strong for TimeSplitters 4 Facebook group that previously unsuccessfully lobbied Crytek to continue development of TimeSplitters 4 far before the IP was transitioned over to Koch Media. Although the rights to the IP transitioned from Crytek to Koch Media, the team continued development, though they were not allowed to use original assets from the games. As such, Cinder must build it up from scratch, leaving out many classic features, like Graeme Norgate's music. The music is instead composed by Project Wingman composer, Jose Pavli.

The project has been in development since 2013, but changed hands several times during development. There are only 2 developers left from the original team in 2013. The current team size is 80 members (formed starting February 2019) and continues to expand to meet the project's needs.

Original Rewind logo

The game will contain a multiplayer mode, facilitating 1 to 16 players, either online or by LAN. All characters (of which there are almost 300) from the games, along with the numerous weapons and maps, are being remade for inclusion. While the original project lead, Michael Hubicka, stated that Cinder will also be working on the Story modes from all three games in the series once Arcade is complete, the new team has found a new workflow. The team is beginning development with all content from TimeSplitters 1. Once the content from TimeSplitters 1 is complete (including all characters, arcade maps, modes, challenges and story levels), the team will move onto content from TimeSplitters 2.

The team also plans to include a new version of Mapmaker, brand new character select animations for characters that did not have them in their original entry, updated weapon animations, hidden maps, and more. However, the team has not showcased these assets in their entirety as of their latest update video.

Due to the nature of this project, and its now 7 year development, the team does not have a confirmed release date. They claim on their Discord "We are working hard to get it out as soon as possible and are going in order of game. Right now we are hard at work at TS1 content. Once we have completed that to the standard we feel is acceptable for the project, we hope to move into a playable state for the community."

The team will be releasing the game on an appropriate location, likely a DRM-Free site, though they state that this also may be subject to change in the future.


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