TimeSplitters Rewind
TSRewind official .png.png
Released TBA
Platforms Microsoft Windows
Publisher Cinder Interactive Arts
Characters/Maps All
Modes All
Max Players 16

TimeSplitters Rewind is an upcoming TimeSplitters fan game being developed by a team of fans for PC using CryEngine 3. The project is being led by Michael Hubicka of the previously named 100,000 Strong for TimeSplitters 4 Facebook group that previously unsuccessfully lobbied Crytek to continue development of TimeSplitters 4. Crytek UK has officially given their blessing for the development of the project, though they are not allowed to use original assets from the games. As such, Cinder must build it up from scratch, meaning to leave out many classic features, like Graeme Norgate's music.

Original Rewind logo

The game has plans for a multiplayer mode, facilitating 8 to 16 players, either online or by LAN. All characters (of which there are almost 300) from the games, along with the numerous weapons and maps, are being remade for inclusion.  Hubicka confirmed that Cinder will also be working on the Story modes from all three games in the series once Arcade is complete, though it is very far out. The game will be free to download.


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Main Theme

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