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On 19 May, 2021, Deep Silver announced that a new TimeSplitters game was in development, and was resurrecting Free Radical Design with 2 of the original founders of Free Radical Design, David Doak and Steve Ellis, coming back as studio directors[1][2]. Steve Ellis had joined Deep Silver in August of 2019[3].


TimeSplitters- Next - July 2023 Development Snapshot

Previously, Deep Silver's parent company Embracer Group (formerly known as THQ Nordic AB) announced they had purchased the IP from Crytek on 15 August, 2018[4]. In November 2019, Klemens Kundratitz (CEO of PLAION) confirmed that Steve Ellis was "exploring ways to bring TimeSplitters back"[5] without giving further details.

In April 2022, Free Radical Design was confirmed to be using Unreal Engine 5 during the State of Unreal 2022 livestream[6].

On 8 November, 2023, Video Games Chronicle reported that Free Radical Design could close once again as part of Embracer's restructuration plan[7]. Earlier on that day, about 16 people employed at Free Radical Design were found looking for work on Linkedin[8]. Free Radical Design would later close on December 11 and TimeSplitters Next (working title) would be cancelled[9][10].

In December 2023, an anonymous ex-Free Radical employee reported that TimeSplitters Next was a Fortnite clone before the direction for the game changed around March 2023 to become a sort of TimeSplitters 2 remake[11]. On 5 March, 2024, gameplay footage from the game was posted by an ex-Free Radical employee. The gameplay footage features Fortnite-style movement, UI, iconography, and loot grading. Since the footage is from July 2023 and shows content that was reportedly made after the change of direction such as the Oblask Dam level, it is more likely that the game remained a Fortnite clone until the end.


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