TimeSplitters 4
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TimeSplitters 4 was the tentative title for the next installment in the TimeSplitters series. The Official PlayStation Magazine announced in an article in late June 2007 that TimeSplitters 4 was to be PlayStation 3 exclusive.

In the OPM article, a logo parodying the Gears of War logo was used, consisting of a monkey head in a gear. This suggests that the game may have focused more on parodying other popular FPS than previous TimeSplitters titles. Another feature in OPM showed Master Chief from the Halo series with a Monkey head. A small trailer on FRD's site also showed the modified Master Chief picture.

In a PSM3 UK Magazine in early April 2008, a TimeSplitters 4 article showing images parodying the Need For Speed series were seen. As well, information in the article 'confirmed' that TimeSplitters 4 would be using the same engine as HAZE (although Free Radical changed their mind at a later date [1]), and they confirmed that character models would still keep the same graphics for the faces at least.

"There are character models and things, but we're very much at the stage still of trying to identify what makes Timesplitters good."
David Doak

Another article appeared in the Official PlayStation Magazine UK in mid-April 2008 with an image of a Jo-Beth Casey in nun's attire shown tearing a Zombie up with a Chainsaw labeled as the Saw of Babylon.

Unfortunately however, the game was delayed because Free Radical Development went into administration. FRD was soon purchased by Crytek, so there remained some slim hope the game would eventually be developed and released. It however was not, and in July 2014, Crytek in turn sold the UK studio to Deep Silver parent company Koch Media. Crytek continued to hold the Timesplitters IP until August 2018, when publisher 'THQNordic' acquired all of the rights to the franchise.

"“We are hugely excited to have acquired Timesplitters[...]We have many fans of the Timesplitters series among our own staff who are passionate about creating a product that will thrill todays gaming audience.””"
Klemens Kundratitz, CEO of THQ Nordic’s Koch Media

Story Mode

Many fans, upon hearing the news, posed the question on how the plot would continue after Sergeant Cortez defeated the TimeSplitters at the end of TimeSplitters Future Perfect. Some speculated that TimeSplitters 4 will have no story mode, while others were left to imagine their own scenarios.

On August 20, 2007, had a video interview with David Doak, who commented that TimeSplitters 4 will be "A game that is pure gameplay." This suggests, like some fans speculated, that TimeSplitters 4 will not have a story mode. It may also suggest a reversion back to the original TimeSplitters "gameplay-driven" story with no continuous storyline, or TimeSplitters 2 with little story.

In late June, PlayStation World Magazine wrote an article on TimeSplitters 4, including an interview with Rob Yescombe confirming that there will be a Story. [2]

"Solid story experience in there"
Rob Yescombe



Sir Chimpalot

Only one character was officially confirmed before the IP was sold, a monkey in a man-sized mech-suit of medieval armor named Sir Chimpalot. Many other designs were seen in concept art, but none of them were officially confirmed. While one of these included Jo-Beth Casey in a nun outfit, all other characters seen were new apart from various Monkey variations.


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