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Thief is a mode in Arcade Custom. This mode is very similar to Deathmatch except in one regard. When players are killed in Thief, they drop one coin that can be picked up by anyone (not just the person who killed the other player and deserves them, hence the name "Thief.") Whoever has the most coins at the end of the time limit wins.

The Coins in Timesplitters Future Perfect

You cannot drop previously obtained coins.


  • In TSFP, there is an Elite League match (Screw Loose) where the game mode is Team Thief. This is not possible in Arcade Custom.
  • Enemies can pick up the coins you get for killing other enemies, too, so make sure that you are fast in this game mode.
  • In the more recent instalments of the Call of Duty series (those after 2005), there is a multiplayer gamemode titled "Kill Confirmed" which may have been inspired by TimeSplitters' Thief mode, as the objectives are identical to each other, except that Dog Tags are used instead of coins. There is also a mode in Halo Reach called "Headhunter" which uses flaming skulls in the gamemode in the same way. However, in Halo's version, death drops all of the skulls, as opposed to dropping a brand- new coin like in TimeSplitters.