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The Machine Wars were a series of conflicts that occurred in the far-future.

A rebel assault on Mars Prison.

The Machine Wars were sub-wars of the TimeSplitters War. This war involved the opposing forces of the robots and the cyborgs.

The cyborgs serve as the protagonists in the war. Their forces are made up of mechanically-augmented humans, lead by Mordecai Jones.

The robots are the spawn of UltraNet - the latest incarnation of Jacob Crow's twisted corporations - and are allied with the TimeSplitters.

Robots Used During War

The Machine Wars saw many fascinating technological developments by UltraNet. The following series of robots were in circulation during the war:

Name of Robot Description
GOLIATH Series A giant mech used for heavy combat. Armed with a minigun and rocket launcher.
R-100 Series Heavy war robots, unmatched in resilience.
PROMETHEUS Series Heavy combat droids with bulky, round armour plating
INSETICK Series Light, mobile combat droids.
Med-Unit Series A small, hovering robot used to heal soldiers.



According to TimeSplitters 2, the cyborgs won the war. Soon after, The Machinist attempted to start another Machine War by building new robots in the Robot Factory. However, he was stopped by Gretel Mark II and R-109 in 2315.

Robots used After War

Name of Robot Description
ChassisBot Standard robot built by The Machinist.
SentryBot A more sturdy type built by The Machinist.
Gretel Mk II The second generation of the Gretel series.
R-109 A surviving R-109 unit from the War, used after the R-110 that was hijacked by Cortez.

Notable Characters

Name of Character Description
Jack Crown The founder and leader of UltraNet.
Lieutenant Black A female cyborg who is the second-in-command of UltraNet.
Officer Jonas Private security of Jacob Crow, later stationed on Mars.
Mordecai Jones The leader of the Rebel Forces.
Angel Forge A rebel fighter, technician, and second-in-command to Mordecai.
Lazarus Mumble An enormous, muscular human cyborg working in special assignments.
Ghengis Kant A rebel fighter.
Robert A mentally unwell human who believes himself to be a robot designed to save humanity


  • The Machine Wars are most likely an allusion to the War Against The Machines in the Terminator series.
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