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The Khallos Express

In The Khallos Express, Cortez and Harry Tipper must search for a way to stop Khallos and his attempt to launch a nuclear missile, as well as stop the train before it runs over Kitten Celeste.


The Time Traveller has given Cortez the slip - but back at base Anya hopes to trace the Brotherhood of Ultra Science into the future and find a new lead. Meanwhile there are pressing issues to attend to! That twisted dude Khallos is threatening to start World War 3 by firing a nuclear missile from his train. "Hey spaceman!", Harry Tipper needs a hand to save the world and rescue his girl!

Primary Objectives

  • Find Khallos
  • Prevent the missile launch
  • Destroy the helicopter
  • Deactivate the gas trap
  • Stop the train


Characters Encountered





Cortez only starts with the pistol 9mm - it is assumed he dropped all the other weapons while working furiously on the hand cart. Climb the ladder and kill the enemy. Be careful not to fall off the train, or get a hilarious death scene not seen in Under Siege 2 Dark Territory. Snipe at the three enemies in the next car (a flatbed) then drop down when Harry Tipper claims it's free.

The next car has a machinegun aimed at the entrance -- blast the barrels next to it to kill the gunner, then blast the enemies who come out of the exit. Proceed to the next car carefully since you're in narrow confines and you cannot afford to lose too much life.

Kill the two soldiers in the radio car and grab the power-ups on the shelf using the TK glove. Harry Tipper will be out of your way, meaning you won't have a decoy to draw fire. Enter the next car with a machinegun. The enemy "giving birth" in the toilette will come out attacking after the initial enemies in the car are killed; incidentally, a second enemy will attack from the other end at the same time. Waste the enemies in the main hall of the car, then count off the number of cabins on the left. At the third one, open it and duck inside. The enemy will run down the hall and be easy pickings once they round the corner.

Don't immediately step out of the passenger car either, since a chopper will be hovering over you. Instead, take the time to reload the machinegun and handgun. You need to destroy three wooden boxes with gunfire as the chopper is ripping you with a chaingun. Move through the flatbed, past the SAM turret and locate the control panel.

The control panel is the only thing that will get rid of the chopper. Activate it and take cover as best you can. Once the chopper explodes, climb atop the next car.

From on top of the car, take out as many of the barrels and enemies before dropping down (it's one way). A time loop will occur and you will need to shoot the enemies who appear on the top of the second train while avoiding the second chopper. Note that if the future Cortez takes hits, your vision will "crystallize" temporarily due to that special damage. The future Cortez should make short work of the chopper. If you see it flying around erratically and over the second train, move towards the rear of your train and train guns on the soon to be missing forward car.

Move through the wreckage of the car to the security car. Take out the various enemies patiently -- there is no health restore after this point. Load up on the weapons in the security car, select a fully loaded automatic weapon and watch the cut-scene at the end of the car.

A time loop occurs and Cortez needs to down all the enemies in the second train. Hopefully, you do it with little damage, since you probably guessed what you're fighting next.

Grab the heat seeker ammo just before leaving the armored train. The heat seeker is right out in the open. Grab it and place the reticule over the chopper. Fire and the missile should automatically track the chopper. Fire off as many rockets as you can until you hear the dialogue regarding "That chopper's history, like me!". Cortez will not carry over the heat seeker, so don't bother being stingy with the weapon. Head back inside the train and trigger a cut-scene that bounces Cortez back to the first train.

Battle through the next passenger car and don't miss the double machinegun. The end of the car has an ambush; simply shoot through the door glass to waste enemies, then down the others on the second train. You don't jump across, but you do head to the end of the car Cortez is on to progress.

Use a machinegun or rifle to take out the enemies in the VIP car. No one knows what happens when you play the slot machine, and Harry Tipper will warn you about it. Head to the end of the VIP car and equip the TK glove.

The room is a trap. Use the TK glove on the cat statue on the table to open the door and escape. Equip a machinegun or a rifle before pulling the red switch on the wall (on the other side of the low wall of the yellow picture in the above illustration). This triggers enemies who come up the stairs; waste them and move to the missile car.

In the missile car, stay on the left side and kill the enemies coming through. The countdown puzzle is a "connect the lines" puzzle. Basically, energy flows from each of the coloured tabs. Your job is to connect the tabs by using a network of L-shaped, straight, and cross tiles, making a single connected tube for each color. Unfortunately, the puzzle is randomized each time you attempt it (after dying or restarting). It also gets more complex on harder difficulties. Work on each color (one at a time) and remember that you can only turn a tile one direction. Connect the tubes and the countdown will end.

It's not over yet. Cortez must still help Harry Tipper rescue Kitten Celeste and stop Khallos. Fighting Khallos is pretty much a shoot the crippled hobo in the flying wheelchair affair. Use up all your ammo whacking this guy, but don't miss. There does not seem to be any ammo respawns. The Soviet rifle is best, followed by the tactical shotgun at close range. Touching the wheelchair will set you on fire, so avoid Khallos when he charges. Once the boss is gone, head to the front of the train and operate the brake switches in the engine to successfully end this mission.

TimeSplitters Future Perfect Showcase The Khallos Express

TimeSplitters Future Perfect Showcase The Khallos Express

This can be completed in less than 9 minutes. You do not open anything in the game, but it is an important time. Just throw the time go pretty fast and not worry about the enemies that did not bother you if you do not defeat them.


  • While it is almost impossible to see in-game, the helicopters in the level actually contain pilots. The pilots of both helicopters are low-res men with no arms or legs. They exist solely to give the illusion there is an actual pilot from a distance. Upon close inspection of the pilot's face it appears to be a photo of a Free Radical employee.
    Khallos Express Pilot Face

    The pilot's face.

Khallos Express Pilot

The pilot as seen in-game.

  • When Harry knocks a man off the train and says "No ticket," he is referencing the film "Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade".
  • This level is a possible parody of the train scene in "The French Connection" (the previous mission in the game being The Russian Connection).
  • The level may also be a throwback to the Train level from GoldenEye, which many of the TimeSplitters developers were involved in creating.
  • It may also be based on the scene on the train from the James Bond movie ''From Russia With Love'' or the end of "Octopussy".
  • The French missile is named "Le Champignon Atomique". When translated this means "The Atomic Mushroom ". There is also a drawing of a mushroom cloud on it.
  • One of the toilet doors are locked with someone inside it, you can hear them straining, after a little bit you can hear the person say "Oh God, it's like giving birth." And if you wait long enough, you'll hear a flush and an Elite Henchwoman will come out.
  • In Khallos' room after he attempts to gas Cortez and Harry Tipper, it is possible to drive Strudel.
  • In the toilet cubicles, there is a toilet brush which you can pick up with your uplink, when you put the toilet brush on something, it leaves a brown smudge on it.
  • The diesel locomotives closely resemble Alco RSD-1 switchers ( not the RS-1 because in the cutscene one can see the locomotive has 6-wheel trucks). Russia bought and copied RSD-1s.
  • Inside of the room with the slot machine, next to the door you came in from is a projector. The slides in the projector are showing off scenes from later levels, such as What Lies Below, Mansion of Madness, Breaking and Entering, You Genius, U-Genix, Machine Wars, Something To Crow About, and You Take The High Road.
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