The Temporal Uplink has appeared in TimeSplitters 2 and TimeSplitters Future Perfect. In TimeSplitters 2, the uplink provides a map and resembles a hand-held laptop. It also has the ability to play multiple Game Cartridges found in the various timelines, though this functionality is simply an Easter egg and may not actually be canon. Despite its name, in TimeSplitters 2, there is no mention of how the uplink works in regards to the time machine on the Space Station. As Cortez morphs into each persona, each persona becomes in possession of an uplink, without explanation. Since Cortez has it upon his person when fleeing the Space Station, it might be assumed he brought it with him. It may have been a prototype designed by Spacetime Marine HQ for use in conjunction with the alien time machine there.

In Future Perfect, the Temporal Uplink plays a much larger role. Now worn on the wrist, the uplink provides a map, the ability to pick up (and throw) objects, and the ability to remotely activate switches. It can be used to pick up weapons and items from a distance and throw objects at enemies. Most importantly, it is also used as a portable time machine that Anya can program from the main time machine in Spacetime HQ in 2401 A.D. to send Cortez to wherever he needs to be in time and space. Anyone in close proximity to Cortez can also be transported to the same spacetime coordinates. The uplink additionally serves as a real-time communication link between Cortez and Anya and somehow provides Anya with an immediate visual of Cortez's surroundings, relaying data obtained through Cortez's high-tech eyewear.

The device is essential in both games when stealth is involved, as it provides information on moving enemies. The uplink in TimeSplitters 2 also provides information on cameras and autoguns, showing the vision cones of camera eyes. However, the uplink in TimeSplitters Future Perfect lacks this functionality (making it much less useful in stealth situations), as there are fewer stealth scenarios in Future Perfect.

In Mapmaker, the Future Perfect uplink shows Time Crystals and other collectible items as a pulsing green target on the map, whereas the previous incarnation in TimeSplitters 2 gave no indication of the collectible item.


  • The TimeSplitters 2 uplink shows the checkpoint markers within the story missions; a checkpoint marker will appear on the uplink screen as a pulsating green target, much like the one used to show the location of a collectible item in the TimeSplitters Future Perfect Mapmaker.
  • If an Action Replay device for GameCube is used to access the Future Perfect uplink for use in an Arcade level, the uplink's holomap will trace the outlines and features of the arcade map.
  • The TimeSplitters Future Perfect version of the Temporal Uplink functions similarly to the Gravity Gun from Half-Life 2, as both devices have the ability to pick up and throw items/objects in the game world.
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