Size Large
Location An ancient South American temple
Climate Sunny Cliffside (exterior)
Unlockable Unlocked by Default
Recommended Bots The Cropolite
Stone Golem
Aztec Warrior
The Jungle Queen
High Priest
Tommy Jenkins
Captain Ash
Recommended Weapons Flare Gun (x2)
Rocket Launcher
Timed Mines
Ghost Gun

Temple in Future Perfect

The Temple made its debut in TimeSplitters Future Perfect. It is a very large map taking place mostly inside of an ancient South American (presumably Aztec) temple, although you can also exit the temple interior to reveal the cliffside temple entrance. It has similarities to the Aztec Lost Temple of T'hochek from TimeSplitters 2. The map is very well suited for Team games (particularly Capture The Bag), but Deathmatch variations play well here, too.

The cliffside is a very long way down. If you fall off, you'll die instantly. It is possible, but very, very difficult, to push enemies off the cliffside. There is a rare small glitch where if you blow yourself up and fall off the cliff, the camera will be pushed slightly down, through the floor.

Flare Gun x2
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