TimeSplitters Wiki
Team Trooper Grey
Requirements - TimeSplitters 2
- Team-based game mode
- Does not work for player one
Finder Elite Yoshi

Team Trooper Grey is a neutral team in team games. The members of this team do not appear on radar, and the rank icon is grey during team deathmatch. To activate this, press the triangle button (or any exit button like the B button) right before the loading screen appears, after everyone selects their character and team colour. If done correctly, your screen will have the character selection list in the background, but the loading will keep on going. The score board will not fully show Team Trooper Grey and their score, it will be stuck half seen and half not. On certain profiles this cannot be done.

Player one can never join Team Trooper Grey, only players two, three, and four can be on this team.

This glitch will also work in Capture the Bag. When you are on Team Trooper Grey in Capture the Bag, you will spawn at both team bases and can capture both bags; however, it is impossible for you to score, as you have no bag yourself. You will be shot at by both the red and blue teams.

Zones controlled by Team Trooper Grey show up as green on the radar (the colour they are when they have yet to be activated by a team). The zone will emit a white light when controlled by Team Trooper Grey. When a zone is controlled by Team Trooper Grey, it will disappear on the display that shows which zones are controlled by whom until it is controlled by a blue or red team again. The meter in this display that shows the ratio of the red team's score to the blue team's does not include Team Trooper Grey.

On the GameCube Version, Team Trooper Grey is referred to as "Team Circus".