TimeSplitters Wiki
TSUG: TimeSplitters Underground
Game TimeSplitters Future Perfect
Section Miscellaneous Challenges
Map Subway
Character Cortez
Enemies Encountered Berserker Splitter
Rewards Bronze: Oleg
Medal Requirements Bronze: 1,000 points
Silver: 2,000 points
Gold: 3,500 points
Platinum: 4,000 points
Record: 201,100 points

TSUG: TimeSplitters Underground is a Challenge set in the Subway. The player takes control of two ceiling-mounted guns, placed at either end of the main tunnel. One end is on the left side of the screen, the other on the right. The left analogue stick controls the left gun and the right analogue stick controls the right. The player has to shoot a number of Berserker Splitter enemy waves.

The challenge ends when both turrets have been destroyed.


Can you pat your head and rub your tummy at the same time? Ok then clever clogs, let's see you try this. An underground railway station covered by two independently controlled remote guns. Shoot the TimeSplitters before they get to the guns and explode. For and extra challenge, wear a woolly hat, pull it down over your eyes and operate the controller with your feet.


An easy strategy is for the player to complete the challenge with someone they know. Both players can share the controller, each controlling a separate turret.

If the player is alone however, he can also sacrifice a turret to finish the challenge with just one. With one turret destroyed, the player only then has to use the other to complete the challenge. The best choice is to keep the right turret alive. Once your left turret is destroyed, try to finish the current wave without losing (it is the hardest part of the strategy). Then, the game becomes far easier because the first Splitter of all waves appears at your right (down the stairs near the turret), the second at your left, the third at your right, etc. Notice that if you don't immediately kill a Splitter just after he enters the area, an extra Splitter will appear at the opposite end of the tunnel (e.g. where the left turret is). If so, you will have much more difficulty to take him down while doing the round-trip between the two entrances around your turret. The world record was done by FailureWarning using this strategy (his score : 201 100 points).


  • The name of the challenge is a parody of skateboarding game, Tony Hawk's Underground, which is often abbreviated to THUG.
  • The challenge originally consisted of "suicidal robots" running into the tunnel to self-destruct and blow up the turrets, however the enemies appeared as divers and not robots.