The TNT, also called dynamite, is a powerful explosive weapon in the TimeSplitters series. They are two very different weapons in the original TimeSplitters and in the future releases.




Up to twenty sticks can be kept at a time, classing it closer to the mines in the original TimeSplitters. The TNTs wielded in this game are only sticks; pushing down on the activate button will light it and releasing will throw it. Holding down the fire button for too long will cause the TNT to explode in the wielder's hand, killing them. The secondary fire button will throw the TNT straight away, presumably lighting it first then throwing it instantly, as it will stay where it lands for a few moments before exploding. TNTs appear in the Tomb mission as a weapon with, seemingly, little use.

When "if best" is switched on, the TNT ranks as the 5th worst weapon on TS1, on the same level as the Colt Pistol. This is unusual, as all other explosives are ranked as joint worst, on the same level as the Brick.

TimeSplitters 2Edit

In the TNT's TimeSplitters 2 appearance, it can be laid on the ground, on a wall, on an object or, occasionally, even on a character. The TNT can stick to anything, more like the mines, however, only one TNT can be equipped at all times, reducing the usefulness of the weapon. Also, since it is timed, enemies have a chance to avoid the blast. It takes 3s to explode. It is the strongest explosive in the game, becoming evident in the Chicago mission where the TNT is used to open Big Tony's safe. The TNT is available in Arcade.

TimeSplitters Future PerfectEdit

In TimeSplitters Future Perfect, the weapon's only appearance in the whole game is in the Scotland The Brave mission. It uses the same methods as TimeSplitters 2, sticking to all things, and only allowing one to be equipped at a time. Unlike in TimeSplitters 2, this weapon cannot be used in the Arcade; limiting its appearance to a singular story mission.


  • If, when playing an elimination match in arcade custom, you manage to throw a TNT directly onto an opponent, they will start to run around - clutching their head in panic for a few seconds before continuing to fight as normal. This same behavior also happens when Proximity Mines, Remote Mines or Timed Mines are thrown.
  • However, when playing an elimination match in arcade custom, if you manage to throw a TNT directly onto an opponent, but consequently perish before it is detonated - the TNT will not cause any harm to other players when it does go off.
  • TNT cannot be used in Arcade on TS3, but interestingly uses the same box as the TS2 TNT.