Size Large
Location In a Subway
Climate Unknown
Unlockable Unlocked by Default
Recommended Bots Harry Tipper
Riot Officer
Mr. Giggles
Private Hicks
Pulov Yuran
Fergal Stack
Tin-Legs Tommy
Undead Priest
Recommended Weapons Kruger 9mm
Tactical 12-Gauge
Flare Gun
Machine Gun (x2)
Proximity Mines
Subway is a subway, as the name of the map suggests. The map is centered around two railroad tracks, with outlying hallways and rooms. An announcer can be heard over the intercom similar to the Mall map, intermittently saying things such as, "There are several people in this area, who are armed and dangerous. Approach with extreme violence." There's also graffiti all over the map that reads, "Province."

Easter Eggs

There is a lever in a room with a window that overlooks the train tracks. There is a lever right behind the window. If you press the action button, you will pull the lever. When you do, two trains will run over the track briefly. Anyone unfortunate enough to be in their path will be instantly crushed. In a game that is scored as Kills-Suicides, this counts as a suicide for anyone crushed, resulting in a point loss.

Also among the many announcements made by the announcing guy one says "This is a lost child announcement. Little Timmy is wearing in a blood-stained t-shirt, a red headband, and is carrying his favorite shotgun. He was last seen pistol-whipping his way down the platform. Thank you." this is an obvious reference to John Rambo from the RAMBO movies as he always wears his red bandanna.

Playable Modes

All Mutiplayer Modes can be played except for Assault.


In Team Deathmatch, you can use the easter egg mentioned above to your advantage. When there are many enemies on the tracks, pull the lever to wipe out anyone on the tracks. While your team won't score any points, this will set the enemy team back a bit.

This is one map where it is recommended you take the time to learn your way around. Some levels are good for wandering aimlessly around in circles, but gameplay in Subway is improved by knowledge of the layout.


If you enjoy watching games overload and break up, a great way to do it is set up a Team Deathmatch game in this map with the max amount of bots all in a team against you, with a custom weapon set of only Electrotools. Give yourself the maximum handicap. Run down to the end of one of the tunnels. The bots will all shoot their Electrotools at you and fill the screen with them; the game just can't handle it and will break up spectacularly, eventually coming to a halt altogether. Verified only on the PS2 so far.

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