Size Large
Location An urban street
Climate TimeSplitters 1: Night.
TimeSplitters 2: Night, Snowy.
Unlockable TS2: Story Mode on Easy

TS1: Cyberden on Normal

Recommended Bots The Impersonator
Gregor Lenko
Ilsa Nadir
Sgt. Shivers
Drone Splitter
Duckman Drake
Trooper White
Jo-Beth Casey
Recommended Weapons Soviet S47
Plasma Autorifle
Sniper Rifle
Rocket Launcher
Streets is set in a desolate, slightly futuristic city with various buildings and garages to enter into from the main street. The level has appeared in TimeSplitters 1 and TimeSplitters 2.


There are differences between the TS1 version and the TS2 version of this level.

  • There is a shortcut leading from the blue team base to a building facing the red team's street in TS2. This shortcut does not exist at all in TS1.
  • There is a airplane flying in TS2.
  • It is snowing in the TS2 version but not in TS1.
  • More garages are open in TS2 (4 instead of 2).
  • Several of the signs (Most notably the Linux sign on a building) are gone in TS2. Some of the graffiti is also gone, though not all of it.
  • The music is different than in TS1, the mood of the songs changed as well. In the first, it was a heavy techno type song with a somewhat shrill beat to it, while in TS2, the song transitioned to a Trance-like melody, comparable to something heard at raves. In TS2, both songs are available in the mapmaker.


  • The words, "Linux" can be seen on a wall between the blue team's base and the only alleyway in the level, TS1 only, hence its' trademark acknowledgement on the startup splash screen.
  • In both games, it says "Kaz Was Here" in one of the buildings.
  • This level has an irregular number of zones in TS2, having 5 zones instead of the regular 4.
  • In TS1, there is a billboard advertising what appears to be a hamburger, with the caption "Be free...have a BIG RAD!".
  • In the 2004 zomcom 'Shaun of the Dead', Ed can be seen playing TimeSplitters 2 on this map, with a Soviet S47 and a SBP90 Machinegun. Scenes from the film were recreated in the Mansion of Madness level of TimeSplitters: Future Perfect.
  • The plane featured in the TS2 rendition follows the player slightly, its fly-by follows the same flight path but it will move closer to where the player is located.
  • In TS1, there is a Free Radical Design logo on a wall.


Timesplitters 1 showcase Streets

Timesplitters 1 showcase Streets

Streets (TS1) video

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