The middle compound, with the water tower and large brick warehouse visible.

The Stanizlav Train Depot is a fairly large complex that appears in TimeSplitters Future Perfect in the level The Russian Connection, as well as the opening cutscene of The Khallos Express.


Little is known of the depot's history. It can be assumed that it had previously been abandoned, judging from the many broken windows and dilapidated infrastructure. At some point in or prior to 1969, supervillain Khallos took over the depot to use as a base for his plans of world domination. After Khallos' plans were foiled by Cortez and Harry Tipper, it is unknown what happened to the depot.



The Stanizlav Train Depot is located in the Soviet Union, specifically Russia. The local environment is fairly rocky and sparse, with a small smattering of trees serving as the only visible vegetation. Part of the complex is beside a large mountain, with the depot itself situated within it. The only visible structures beyond the depot is a small house beside a dirt road and a train tunnel. The depot can be thought of as having three different sections: the outer, middle and inner compounds.

Outer Compound

The depot itself is surrounded by chain-link fencing, with the section nearest the mountain having incredibly tall concrete walls (which may also serve as a retaining wall). The outer compound is made up of a couple of small red-brick buildings, as well as guardhouses, work sheds and a gate leading into the surrounding countryside. Many crates and shipping containers are scattered around this area, and this is where Cortez and Harry Tipper begin the mission The Russian Connection. The only way to leave the area is via a small canal/sewer that leads into the middle compound.

Middle Compound

The middle compound is an area of the depot that is partially built against the mountain, and its highlight is a massive three-storey brick warehouse. It is separated from the outer compound by a concrete wall and the inner compound by an electric fence. It also features an outbuilding housing a generator for the electric fence, several more crates and containers, and a burnt-out truck.

Inner Compound

The inner compound is the final section of the complex, and houses the train tunnels that lead into the mountain (the depot itself). It also has a large water tower and a three-story office building, as well as a walled-off area that contains a pair of courtyards and barracks for the Henchmen and Henchwomen.

Mountain Complex

Inside the mountain is a massive complex that is the primary base of operations for Khallos. Judging from signage, it has at least five storys beneath ground level, and is divided into several sectors.

Sector One

Sector One is the topmost portion of the mountain complex. It houses a pair of tracks for storing trains and a large blast door that leads into Sector 3, as well as a generator that powers the aforementioned blast door.

Sector Two

Sector Two is directly below Sector One, and contains several pieces of vital machinery, such as hydroelectric turbines to provide general power, and a starter motor to provide power to the blast door generator.

Sector Three

Sector Three is the base proper, and is made up of a network of rounded, concrete tunnels large enough to permit the passage of Zeeps. Each Level of Sector Three is connected via tunnels, stairwells and large freight elevators, and are divided further into Sections.

Level Two, Section One contains ramshackle brick cells used to house prisoners and/or hostages. Section Two contains a printing room for Khallos's new form of currency, as well as a shooting range/armoury.

Level Three is the final area shown, and is made up of a large train platform with a gantry crane, with several shipping containers stacked alongside. This is the area seen in the opening cutscene for The Khallos Express.


1969, Stanizlav Train Depot

Main article: The Russian Connection

Cortez was sent from 1924 to the Stanizlav Train Depot in 1969 as the location was the only lead to discovering the identity of the mysterious time traveler. When he arrives, he runs into secret agent Harry Tipper, who was on an operation to uncover the plans of supervillian Khallos, who was using the depot as a base of operations. Whilst there, they spot the time traveler, revealed to be the head of a cult called the Brotherhood of Ultra Science, who had struck up an alliance with Khallos. Cortez and Tipper traverse the depot and eventually reached a train containing a nuclear missile that was the key part of Khallos' plan to kick-start World War III.


The Stanizlav Train Depot map is not accessible in Arcade Custom for play, but does make an appearance in the Challenge Melon Heist, in which an Elite Henchman must prevent a group of Monkeys from stealing melons from Khallos' stockpile. The player takes position on the water tower firing into the walled-off barracks, mirroring a portion of the Story mode level in which Cortez must provide covering fire for Tipper.


  • There are several propaganda posters in the level for the Brotherhood of Ultra Science, some of which mirror World War II propaganda posters. They are:
    • A yellow poster with Oleg, Dr. Peabody and Vlad the Installer. It says at the top "Men Working Together", and at the bottom "Ultra Science". It appears in a brick building in the outer compound and again on the bottom floor of the inner compound office building.
    • There is a poster with a Henchman that says "This man is your FRIEND. JOIN NOW; Join The Brotherhood." It appears multiple times in the inner compound office building
    • There is a poster with two Henchwomen, two Nurse Gulags and another unidentifiable woman. It says "Join Us..." at the top and "...In A Victory Job" at the bottom. It appears once in the inner compound office building.
    • There is an orange poster with Leonid and the phrase "Scientists: Build And Fight For Victory. Brotherhood of Ultra Science". It appears once in the inner compound office building.
  • The colour scheme of the office building in the inner compound (grey and green) is a nod to the GoldenEye 007 level Archives, as many of the same developers worked on both TimeSplitters and GoldenEye. This colour scheme also appears in the Arcade level Compound, albeit reversed.
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