Splitter Crow
Splitter Crow
Species Human/TimeSplitter Mutant Cyborg
Native TimeZone 1994 - 2052
Relations Jacob Crow (Youngest Form)
Mad Old Crow (Previous Form)
TimeSplitters (Allies)
Appearances Story
Something To Crow About
Future Perfect

Splitter Crow is the final form of Jacob Crow encountered in TimeSplitters Future Perfect. He is part human, part TimeSplitter, and part robot. It is the form that Crow believes has made has made him truly immortal, and is the result of "two lifetimes" worth of research. He is fought twice in the game; first in Something To Crow About, and again in Future Perfect. His form and the strategy to fight him change after the first encounter.

In his first form, he walks slowly around the room to preset locations. He has at least one weapon covering each of his sides, forcing the player to seek cover and take these weapons out first so that they can move more freely without being shot. He also regularly deploys strange, mine-like objects from his rear which explode in four directions, further limiting the player's movement.

In his second form, the large sac on his rear that was limiting his movement is missing and was likely destroyed during the first fight. This means that he is much more mobile and has complete free movement around the arena. However, in-game, he rarely moves out of the central area due to the way he is fought against). The mobility comes at a cost, however, and he has lost most of his armaments, leaving him only with his two manually-controlled front guns to fight with. During this fight, he has a set of small, black spheres which seem to serve a dual purpose. The first purpose is generating a shield. Under normal circumstances, they circle his exposed rear wound and shield it against attacks. The second purpose of these devices is to repair damage dealt to his cybernetic body. When one of his feet or guns is destroyed, a black sphere will move from shielding his rear and instead move to the destroyed limb to repair it. If all 4 limbs are destroyed, his rear becomes exposed and vulnerable to damage without any of the spheres to protect it. He does not regain health when the spheres are at his rear, so it would appear that they are incapable of repairing his organic components.

The second battle is generally considered to be easier than the first, mainly due to Crow's lack of firepower and the ability to damage his legs. When one of his legs is damaged, he becomes unable to move, and can only turn slowly to face the player. This makes it easy to get behind him. When both are destroyed, he becomes completely immobilised. This makes it incredibly easy to stay behind him and run down his health as long as both of his legs are kept in check.

This form of Crow is not playable for various reasons. The first reason being his massive size. While it is true that bigger characters can be shrunk down, the other playable boss characters still have a bipedal form; Splitter Crow does not. This would not only mean that his hitboxes would need to be massively different, but also that he would not properly fit on the game's standard character rig using standard bipedal character animations, and would need an entire new animation set created just for him.



  • He's the only TimeSplitter fought as a boss.
  • Despite being the creator of the TimeSplitters, Crow's actual role in the TimeSplitter "hierarchy" is not immediately clear.
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