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Spaceways is the last listed Story level in TimeSplitters 1. You can control R-108 and/or Gretel. Your mission is to fight your way to the rocket base and find some duty-free goods. The level takes place in 2035, although interplanetary travel and autonomous robots seem unlikely to exist at this date. The year was chosen due to systematic 5/15 year gaps between levels on the original game. It may then be safe to assume, that the level actually takes place in 2350, although this cannot be confirmed. An alternate theory does exist: that all dates provided by the games are in fact accurate, yet are not relevant to the timeline of the reader/player; that is, Spaceways takes place in an alternate (to the reader/player) 2035, yet a 2035 which is internally consistent within the timeline of the games.


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Grab your duty free goods and board the Yareel Express!


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Timesplitters 1 showcase Spaceways (Story on Normal)

Spaceways (Story on Normal) video

You start off outside, with Taxi cabs driving around. They do not harm you in any way, but if you're going for the speedrun reward, they may interfere. Avoid them and head into the spaceways proper. You come upon a T-junction. Once you step into the middle of the junction, a Female Alien will roll in from the left, and another will soon run in from the right (Both armed with Scifi Autorifles). Shoot them both and step inside either way (Both paths lead to the same room).

You come upon a giant room. There are two Red Aliens on either side behind benches, throwing grenades and taking potshots at you with Raygun Carbines. Grenade one of them and step further inside. In the middle of the room, near the back are two more Female Aliens who may rush at you to attack. Once you climb either one of the ramps, another Female Alien will spawn (No matter which ramp you climb up). There exists health and armor inside of the large room, but if you're going for the speedrun reward, it will waste too much time to get. Go upstairs and into a hallway.

Fire a grenade at the door in front of you, near the middle. This will kill the two Red Aliens on the other side. Then step forward and the door will automatically open. Two more Red Aliens spawn in, and another will sometimes rush inside from the hallway. Gun them down and step inside the hall. Once you come across the next room, two Female Aliens will be standing inside next to the next doorway. Gun them and run inside the next hallway. You will come upon another door, and a Red Alien will quickly step inside of the hallway and accost you. Gun him down. Once you enter the next room, Female Aliens will start peeking around corners to attack, and two additional ones may rush inside to attack as well. Grenade all of them and go inside of their room, and turn left.

You will come upon a narrow hallway (With some spinning doodad in the middle, and several signs that hilariously reads "NO WEAPONS BEYOND THIS POINT") with a Female Alien armed with a Minigun close by, and two more down the hall, along with an auto gun. One additional Female Alien will rush inside as you start gunning them down. Kill them all and destroy the turret before moving forward. Inside of the next hallway, in the small alcoves, there is Minigun ammo. Grab it if you wish.

Once you step inside the next room, two Siamese Cyborgs armed with Rayguns will start throwing grenades and shooting at you. Plant a grenade in the middle of them and kill them both before entering the door on the left.

Walk to where the first door will open, but not the second. Shoot a grenade near the middle of the door quickly to kill the two Red Aliens armed with Rocket Launchers, and possibly destroy the turrets. This may also kill the two Female Aliens on the other side of the door armed with Miniguns. Then move forward, which triggers the second door to open.

You are now in another outside area. Snipe the two Female Aliens on the launch pad above, and then step outside. Two additional Female Aliens will spawn with Scifi Autorifles, and there are two auto guns on either doorway in front of you. Quickly gun them down and rush inside one of the hallways (either one, doesn't matter which). You will come upon a room with two Spaceways Stewardesses behind a counter, armed with Scifi Autorifles. Grenade them and go into the further-left hallway first. You will come upon a bar, and once you step inside, three Green Aliens with Scifi Autorifles will spawn. Quickly kill them and step behind the bar to grab the Duty Free Goods.

TimeSplitters will start spawning. Quickly rush out back where you came, gunning down any Splitters in your path. This time, go into the hallway directly opposite of the one you're in (Ignore the other two hallways with the ramps that go down, since they take you back downstairs into the outdoor area). Shoot the Stewardess behind the counter and rush past her. You will wind up back outside, on a path to the rocket. Quickly enter the rocket and finish the level.


Difficulty Reward
Easy Challenge Mode
Easy Timed (1 min 5 secs) Red Alien
Normal Warzone
Normal Timed (1 min 20 secs) Female Alien
Hard Spaceways Stewardess
Hard Timed (6 mins 30 secs) Small Heads Cheat

World Records

Difficulty Time Person
Easy 44.6 secs An Empty Box and Silent Thunder
Normal 44.7 secs An Empty Box
Hard 44.9 secs An Empty Box and Silent Thunder