Space Vandals
TS1 Challenge 9-C
Game TimeSplitters
Section 9
Mode Last Stand
Map Planet X
Character R108
Bots TimeSplitter 1
TimeSplitter 2
Rewards TimeSplitter 1
Requirements 25000
Space Vandals is a Challenge in TimeSplitters. It involves a Last Stand mission on Planet-X, trying to prevent the TimeSplitters from destroying a group of crystal formations for as long as possible. It is recognized by many fans as the hardest challenge of the game, and is often compared to Mansion on Hard. It comes after Flight Delay, and is the last challenge of TimeSplitters 1.

Briefing Edit

Those pesky TimeSplitters don't know why when to stop. Now they're trying to destroy the crystal formations on Planet-X. Make a stand and try to stop them. You must score at least 25000 points.

Strategy Edit

There are several things to note before the strategy bit begins.

The turret has a secondary fire. This is vital. The secondary fire shoots bullets much slower than the primary fire, however, it's perfectly accurate compared to the primary fire. The primary fire is better for close range, but for snipers and one particular spawning place, the secondary mode is vital.

Another thing to note about the turret is that it will auto-aim... Unless you get off the turret, equip a weapon, and get back on the turret still equipped with the weapon. This will break the auto-aim and disable it until you get off and get back on whilst being unarmed. So when you get off the turret to use your weapons on one particular spawn point, MAKE SURE YOU DE-EQUIP THE WEAPONS BEFORE YOU GET BACK ON THE TURRET! Auto aim is ESSENTIAL for this challenge.

There are four spawning spots for the Splitters - Behind the ring-rock to the left, in the canyon on the right, on the ledge that leads to the caves, and behind you inside of another canyon. The right and the behind spawns can be easily dealt with using primary fire (Though you want to make sure you kill the right-spawning Splitters BEFORE they get behind the large rock to the right, for they will shoot at the crystal nearby and be completely covered by the rock!).

The spawn point near the caves requires the secondary fire. If possible, do your best to kill them before they leap down and get behind the crystal, for collateral damage to the crystal is difficult to avoid in this situation.

For the left spawn, do not bother with the turret. The ring rock does too well of a job at covering the splitters before they get close and deal damage to the bases. Jump out of the turret, grab the Raygun nearby, and shoot the Splitters that way. Be careful not to trigger the countdown-to-death, and gun them down before they get close. This is the best way to deal with them. The Raygun can deal a lot damage to the Splitters, though you want to be good at firing the primary fire as fast as the secondary fire to kill them ASAP.

There are also three sniper spawn points. One above the ledge leading to the caves, one off to the left near the behind-spawn, and one directly behind you. The snipers shoot slowly, but the damage will add up. Use the secondary fire for the front and left snipers, and primary fire can quickly dispose of the sniper behind you.

Phases 3 and 5 are incredibly short. It is simply a "blitzkrieg" attack where all of the splitters spawn around you. Kill them quickly, and you generally earn a lot of points for doing so.

The points-per-kill for the splitters is meaningless. What you want to do is make sure the bases have high health by the end of each wave; This will get you much higher scores for the "End of phase bonus". This is what adds up to get 25K points.

If you do not have 25K points after phase five, you will not beat this challenge. Phase six is too long, and the bases are most likely nearly destroyed. So do your best to get 25k points by the end of wave five.

Each phase has a specific pattern, and it is always the same.

Phase 1 - Left spawn, followed by right spawn. Two splitters spawn in the left/right spawn, and this cycles twice. (Thus a total of eight splitters, not counting snipers)

Phase 2 - Forward spawn, behind spawn, cycles between them twice. Three splitters spawn per cycle (So a total of twelve splitters, plus any snipers that spawn in).

Phase 3 - Blitzkrieg. Four splitters spawn around you.

Phase 4 - This is the long one. The order is right, left, forward, behind. Cycles twice again, this time four splitters spawn. Total of 32 splitters, not counting snipers. This is the longest, and the most likely one to end your run. Once you memorize the spawn positioning, you should be able to do this.

Phase 5 - Blitzkrieg. This time you deal with two waves of four splitters.

And there you go. If you do not get 25k, as previously mentioned, you will not succeed after phase 5. It will take a few attempts to learn the exact positioning and strategies for each wave, but eventually, you should get it!