Soviet S47
Ammo 30/170 40 grenades
Fire Rate
bullets per sec/cartridge time
8 p/s
2.5 grenades per second
Reload Time 1 second
Damage (per Single Shot)

Grenades: 500%

Type High Rate of Fire
Native Timezone 1972 - 1990
Zoom Yes, x2.16
Primary Fire Bullets
Secondary Fire Grenades
Games TimeSplitters 2

The Soviet S47 is an assault rifle with an underbarrel grenade launcher. It has a reasonably high rate of fire (600 rounds per minute). The weapon has appeared in TimeSplitters 2 story levels Siberia and Atom Smasher, the latter having introduced the weapon's ability to be dual-wielded. The weapon is one of the best to clear an area of enemies; it is quite reliable in most situations.

This weapon is rather weak for an assault rifle, and it is not recommended unless dual-wielded. However, its grenade launcher does allow for a good secondary weapon.

This weapon is an Kalashnikov AKMS (improved AKS-47) with a folding wire stock. Thus, it is most likely based on the Soviet AKMS paratrooper assault rifle, which follows the same criteria.

The grenade launcher mounted on the weapon is based off of the real life M203 grenade launcher. One major fault of this is that an M203 cannot be mounted on an AK-47 simply due to design. The Soviet equivalent of the M203 is the GP-25 or the GP-30 grenade launcher.

Although it has a different appearance and origin, the Soviet Rifle is considered to be this gun's replacement for TSFP.


Tip for reloading if double & single wielded are both held. Switch from dual to single & back, as you do this the left hand weapon will disappear & reappear reloaded. Then either immediately hit the reload button to reload the right hand weapon or run it empty so it auto-reloads. By doing this you can avoid the situation in which both weapons are reloading together & for a moment you have no weapon available.


  • The grenades don't seem to shoot out of the launcher. Instead they shoot out of the barrel of the weapon.
  • Firing a grenade from the underbarrel grenade launcher attachment will also reload the player's ammunition, if any is used, if at least 1 grenade remains.
  • This gun appears to be based heavily on the KF7 Soviet from the 1997 game GoldenEye 007.
  • The Soviet S47's firing sound is shared with that of the Tactical 12-Gauge and Assault Shotgun.
  • In Story mode, each bullet deals more damage than other automatic weapons, while in Arcade, the S47 is weaker.


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