Simian Shootout
Game TimeSplitters 2
Section Monkeying Around
Map Mexican Mission
Character Mikey Two-guns
Enemies Encountered Monkeys
Rewards Silver: Insect Mutant
Medal Requirements Bronze: 600
Silver: 1000
Gold: 1800
Platinum: 2000

Simian Shootout is the first challenge in the Monkeying Around section from TimeSplitters 2. You take the role of Mikey Two-guns, in the Mexican Mission map equipped with a Tactical 12-Gauge to shoot 'clay' monkeys out of the air. You get points for shooting monkeys and making combos.


An unscrupulous merchant is trying to flood the market with imitation clay monkeys. Use your trusty shotgun to dust those cheap replicas and put him out of business!


Using the secondary-fire on the Tactical 12-Gauge may be an advantage.

Also go to the top of the building, you'll miss some monkeys on the way but it should make things easier.


If you wait where the monkeys hit the ground it is possible to punch the monkeys as they come down, you score points for doing this but it's not much use for completing the challenge.

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