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Silent but Deadly
Game TimeSplitters 2
Section Infiltration
Map Siberia
Character Gregor Lenko
Enemies Encountered Capt. Snow x2
Lt. Frost
Sgt. Shivers x2
Rewards Silver: Viking Hat
Medal Requirements Bronze: 0 points
Silver: 700 points
Gold: 1000 points
Platinum: 1000 points in under 40 secs
Record: 1000 points in 26.4 secs
(An Empty Box)

Silent but Deadly involves Gregor Lenko stealthily moving through the first section of Siberia as well as blowing up the Satellite Dish. Stealth is needed, and the touch of speed is needed to earn the Platinum.


Even highly dangerous mercenaries like Gregor Lenko need to use stealth when outnumbered. Destroy the radar and enter the dam, without being detected by any of the Russian guards.


Walk forward and grab the Sniper and the other gun. Use the sniper to take out the camera and man on the big building ahead. Then move out of the tunnel and watch out for the man in the compound who, if you go too soon, will spot you. Then run down into the compound, take him out and then go back out again. From slightly down the fence to the left, snipe the woman and then move round to the stairs on the big building. Use your Uplink to see the bloke there and kill him as he moves away. Run up the stairs, go into the building and open the doors via the switch and then run out along the platform and down into the building. Grab the mines, then run back upstairs and blow the dish up. Then run for the dam to complete.

  • Alternative strategy, more difficult but will give platinum. Move forward collecting the Sniper Rifle but ignore the pistol. While continuing to move forward go into aim mode & kill the man on the stairs with a head-shot. Go to the right of the boxes & up to a fence post where the fence goes in to the right so you can get well across to the right. From here go into aim mode & shoot the camera. Go through the gap in the fence & go slightly to the left so you can look between the buildings, there will be a guard walking towards you, he will see you but if you kill him quickly enough the stealth points won't go down, the trick is to go into aim mode so that you are pretty much aiming for a head-shot & only a slight adjustment is necessary, you must get him with a head-shot with your first shot. Then keep moving in the same direction so you are heading towards the stairs. As you come to the next gap in the buildings look to your right again, the lieutenant (female guard) is there, she will see you so use exactly the same technique as before to kill her quickly before the points start to drop, then shoot the camera also. Go under the stairs & you'll find another guard who'll also see you, use the same technique again. If you've managed to do all this with 1000 points then you've done the hard part & just have to finish the rest quickly. Go up the stairs, go into the door & select the switch at the far end of the room, go back out & go across the board to drop through a hatch in the roof of the small building, back up to get the Timed Mines then unlock the door & go out. Turn hard round to the left as you come out so you are heading towards the radar dish, when you are about in the position of the second camera you shot aim upwards & throw a Timed Mine up to blow up the dish. Keep going in the same direction which will bring you to the steps down towards the finishing point. Make sure you hear the mine go off to blow up the radar dish before you go through the door, if you go through before it's blown up you will fail.