Siberia Buggy Glitches Edit

There are many glitches in TimeSplitters Future Perfect Arcade Custom. This section covers the glitches found in Siberia. Many of them include the use of the Buggy vehicle.

Exiting SiberiaEdit

Inside the Inside of the Blue BaseEdit

To get "inside the inside" of the base, you must drive the buggy into the small crevice between the long wall and Blue Base. The vehicle should be stuck in the crevice, continuously attempting to drive by itself into the side of the base. Get out of it and be sure you can step into the wall. Now you are inside the inside of the base, though in a different dimension. Other players can only see your tag above your character. You are virtually invisible!

Inside the Inside of the Yellow BaseEdit

One can virtually use the same method used at Blue Base here, at Yellow Base. The only difference is that one must get the buggy to climb the rock wall to the left of the base, and step out of the vehicle while it is situated parallel to the base wall. One can basically do the same tricks used in Blue Base, though there is a feature of it that is unique below.

Passing Back Into the Real WorldEdit

A weapon should be around the edge of the glitched area. Run to the edge of the glitch and be sure you are aligned with the weapon. Turn left from there, and you'll see the entrance of the base to the far left. Run straight forward until you are adjacent to the entrance. Turn left and go into the entrance. You have gone back into the "real" dimension of the level. Look behind you. Now you can see the entrance, along with the inside of the base.


A player executing this glitch (or any other glitch which "exits" an arena") also hones the ability to shoot from the glitched area into the existant area, allowing one to kill unaware players. Since the wall of the level is still between the glitched area and the "real dimension", one executing the glitch must take special precaution into coming in contact with it. Doing so will seal off the player from the glitched area; one must redo the glitch.

Buggy GlitchesEdit

Purging the ZeepEdit

It is possible to get rid of the Zeep in Siberia. First, lace the Zeep with Remote Mines, at least 20 (this works best when planted directly under a car on one side or directly on its side) and aim it so the explosion would force the car towards the dam. If you plant enough, detonate the mines. If you planted at least 25 mines directly below the middle of the car, it'll fly into sky, disappearing completely, or fall over other side of the dam. Thus, no one will be able to use the Zeep for the remainder of the match. An efficient tactic for this glitch involves placing the mines, and driving the car over a location on them, and then detonating them. This allows the user to control the location of the explosions on the car. Another convenient strategy is to supply the mines underneath the car from the icy hill closest to the dam if the weapon location there spawns mines.

To purge the Zeep completely using these tactics requires lots of skill, despite how easy it is to set it up. Blasting the Zeep into the sky would require careful placing of the mines/car. The mines must be directly underneath the car, not on the side. Blasting the car over the dam effectively may require the largest possible amount of mines (30), placed directly underneath the side of the car and on the side .

In addition, if you play the level with at least two players, and get the others to sit in the Zeep, they will die in the explosion, but their bodies will fall back down again once the Zeep has disappeared. If you look closely, they will be in positions suggesting they're still in the car, even though it clearly isn't there. WARNING: Do not try this on a team game, where friendly fire is turned on and the players in the car are on the same team as the detonator. If the explosives detonate, the player will fly out of the map with the car, causing the whole game to freeze.

Dam DrivingEdit

A similar method to Purging the Zeep; this method allows the player to carefully place the Zeep on the dam. To do this, one must drive the buggy onto the ramp that leads up to the dam. Hold the gas button until the Zeep has reached it's maximum height, then get out. Place at least 10 mines on the back of the car (preferably the bumper) and detonate them. The buggy should climb up the ramp.

It is recommended that while driving on top of the dam, the player avoid the walkways on the sides of the trench. They prove to be small, and driving the Zeep on them will make the car fall into the trench, getting stuck and unable to get out. It's rare to get the Zeep out of this predicament.

Gray landEdit

The player can end up falling down a gray abyss (the other side of the dam). This is a difficult glitch to execute. First, get the buggy on the dam, then with careful precautions, try to blow up the buggy to have its back wheels on top of the wall on the back of the dam (the one that has sky behind it). Climb into to the buggy, and if it works, you can get out and fall down this gray area and die.

Siberia Tower Glitches Edit

Tower Glitches
Requirements TimeSplitters Future Perfect
Finder - Abyssion180
- BboyNaishun

1. In Siberia, if you go to the tower (the one with the bridge leading to it, but no incline), right before you enter the tower, walk into the wall where the doorway is. You'll go right through it, and can travel inside of the wall.

2. Duck (to go slowly) and walk to the edge. Once you start falling off the edge, to the ground, try to move in the direction of the building while falling. You should be in another safe spot (although you can't shoot outside until you go there) inside the tower itself.

Alternate second glitch: Drive the Zeep near the right side of the right tower, if you look towards the dam from middle of the battle field. Park it right next to the wall, then get out while pushing left. You should then be inside the tower. If you lean out a bit, you'll be able to shoot.

Ramp Glitch Edit

Ramp Glitch
Requirements TimeSplitters Future Perfect
Finder Nevar00

A minor glitch involves the the ramp leading up to the dam. If you walk behind the ramp and walk straight at it, you go through it and end up on the other side of the ramp.