Size Large
Location Oblask Dam
Climate Snowy
Unlockable Default
Recommended Bots Vlad the Installer
Berserker Splitter
Jack Sprocket
Warrant Officer Cain
Private Hicks
Deep Diver
Warrant Officer Keely
Private Jones
Recommended Weapons Flare Gun
Sniper Rifle
Vintage Rifle
Sci-Fi Sniper

This article is about the TimeSplitters FP arcade stage. For the TimeSplitters 2 Story Mission, see Siberia (Story). For the TimeSplitters 2 Arcade stage, see Siberia (Arcade) (TS2). For the location where both levels take place, see Oblask Dam.

Siberia has only featured as an Arcade map in TimeSplitters Future Perfect, and is the largest map in the game. The map itself is situated on opposite side of the Oblask Dam as seen in the Timesplitters 2 Story Mission.) The main feature of this level is the enormous frozen lake which almost takes up the whole map. It's so large that Siberia is the only default map in the game to have a vehicle. The open area features limited cover, a few pillars and snow hills are in the centre to make direct shots from opposite bases difficult, and is where nearly all combat takes place. On one of the snow hills is a small outpost with windows for sniping at most of the bases. In this small building is a Max Damage which makes this a very useful position for taking out enemies from a distance. Each team then gets a small indoor area with only one door, and a variety of different weapons. There is also a lot of cover in each of these areas, making them useful for stopping any enemies who enter through the door. The last major feature of this map is the dam which runs all the way along one of the edges. There is a ramp for climbing on top situated next to the dam in the frozen lake, and one of the bases' interior is larger than the others. This base interior contains an invisibility cloak and leads up on top of the dam. The dam is the highest ground in the map, making it a great place for sniping, and also contains places to take cover whilst sniping. Running along a lot of the dam is a trench, letting you get from one side to another without being attacked by people on the lake.


  • Siberia, due to its large map size, is excluded from Virus Arcade matches as it would be impossible to tag players by running across the entire map, let alone tag them while in a vehicle.


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