Shock Trooper
Species Human
Size Normal
Native Timezone 2000
Related Characters Male Soldier
Female Soldier
Gasmask Soldier
Games TimeSplitters 1
Shock Trooper appears only in the original TimeSplitters, as a generic Story enemy. His clothing color scheme is different from the other soldier characters; while their uniforms are green and black, Shock Trooper's uniform consists of grey and brown camouflage. He wears a breastplate, a belt, black gloves, black combat boots, and a black veil over his head.



TS1 Shock Trooper Small Shock Trooper

Unlock Complete Docks on Hard in 7m
Gesture Steps forward and back saying "Sir yes sir!"
Shock Trooper appears as one of the generic enemies of the Docks story mission, alongside other soldiers.


2000, Docks

Main article: Docks (Story)

Many soldiers were deployed at the docks to prevent a ransom pickup from being collected by Jacques Misere and Olga Strom. Although these heavily trained soldiers put their best foot forward to stop them, they were killed, and the thieves made their clean getaway with the cash.



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