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Sergeant Cortez
Species Human
Size Large
Native Timezone 2401
Related Characters General (Boss)
Anya (Colleague; Guide)
Corporal Hart (Subordinate)
Private Hicks (Subordinate)
Private Jones (Subordinate)
Private Miller (Subordinate)
Private Jameson (Subordinate)
Henchman Cortez (Alternate Outfit)
Doctor Gordon Cortez (Alternate Outfit)
Time Assassin Cortez (Alternate Outfit)
Games TimeSplitters 2
TimeSplitters Future Perfect
"It's time to split!"

Sergeant Cortez is the main protagonist of the TimeSplitters series, though he doesn't appear in the original TimeSplitters. As head of an elite unit of space marines, Cortez was one of the leading combatants in the TimeSplitter War, and the General's best soldier. He fought bravely alongside Corporal Hart.


TimeSplitters 2

TS2 Sergeant Cortez Small.png Sgt. Cortez

Star 5.gif
Unlock Default
Gallery An elite squad of space marines are spearheading the counterforce against the TimeSplitters. Sergeant Cortez is a battle-hardened veteran who is proficient with all weapon types and can adapt to any combat conditions.
Accuracy Agility Stamina
18/20 6/20 17/20

Cortez appearing in TimeSplitters 2.

Cortez first appeared in TimeSplitters 2 as the main character. He wears a black shirt under grey flat armour, as well as black pants, black gloves, and his trademark goggles. He also wears a strap on his torso, with two blades sheathed on the front, and a red light shining over his left shoulder.

TimeSplitters Future Perfect

TSFP Sergeant Cortez Small.png Cortez

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Unlock Default
Gallery Space Marine extraordinaire.
Gesture Stands while holding a Plasma Autorifle, points to the player, and says, "It's time to split!"
Speed Stamina Shock Proof Fire Proof
5/8 5/8 5/8 5/8

Cortez appearing in TimeSplitters Future Perfect.

"It's time to split!"

Cortez returns in TimeSplitters Future Perfect as the main protagonist. His appearance is noticeably different to the previous game; his goggles are now strapless, his armour is more defined in detail, he removed his chest-strap, he swapped his black gloves for grey-and-orange fingerless gloves, and he swapped his black boots and clothes for grey attire.


2401, Space Station

An army of TimeSplitters invaded the Space Station, slaughtering the Marines present. The General mobilized his best marines, comrades Sergeant Cortez and Corporal Hart, to repel the TimeSplitters. On arrival, they discover the TimeSplitters have taken the Time Crystals and interspersed through time itself with the aid of the Time Machine. On entering, Cortez and Hart annihilated all the TimeSplitters standing between themselves and the control room and closed the door to stymie the pursuing masses. Manning the controls by the machine, Hart maintains the functionality so that Cortez can travel through the portal to retrieve the plundered Time Crystals.

1990, Siberia

Cortez entering Siberia, transforming to Ilsa.

Main article: Siberia (Story)

A secret research facility hidden underneath Oblask Dam gave place to the discovery of organic specimens. However, following a series of accidents the Scientists assigned to the project left, and a Russian force had taken residence of the excavation project, using it as a base to develop biological weaponry. The dreadful results have lead the research to halt, and a team of Biohazard clean-up forces were deployed.

Sergeant Cortez entered through a portal just outside the Oblask Dam in a mountain cave. Exiting the portal, he took the form of Ilsa Nadir. Partnered with Gregor Lenko, he blew up the communications dish and entered the facility. Restoring the power allowed the Biohazard Container to be hoisted up and destroyed. The Military had tried to make super soldiers, accidentally creating Zombies instead. In a recent attempt to make a super soldier, some soldiers were injected with the aura of the TimeSplitters, causing serious mutations. The TimeSplitter Mutants posed as serious threats to both forces, not under the control of the military.

Having killed off all the threats, Cortez made his way to the top of the dam where he awaited the Time Portal to be stabilized when a Gunship deployed by the force arose with the task of killing Cortez, though Cortez defeats this using the turrets on the dam, and subsequently makes it back through the portal.

1932, Chicago

Main article: Chicago (Story)

A crime-lord and owner of the Sunrise Club, known simply as "Big Tony", managed to acquire a Time Crystal with a collection of other priceless gemstones, and bought in his brother to assist in obtaining more. Cortez, in the form of Jake Fenton and working with Lady Jane, owner of a private investigation agency, agree to get-in contact with Marco, a character appearing on both sides of the law. Tony, hearing news of Fenton's presence orders his gang to kill him.

Entering from the docks, Cortez kills Tony's armed-men and steps out onto the streets of Chicago, killing all the obligatory cronies before Tony's Brother attempts a drive by and is quickly dispatched by Cortez. After meeting with Marco, Cortez escorted him to his hideout, while under fire from Tony's men, where he received TNT to blow open a safe where he would find a pass to the Sunrise Club. After entering the Sunrise Club, Cortez swiftly neutralized Tony's men and shot Big Tony dead. Taking the Time Crystal, Cortez ran to the Time Portal while under fire from the TimeSplitters.

1895, Notre Dame Cathedral

Main article: Notre Dame (Story)

In the cathedral of Notre Dame, a necromancer known as "Jacque de la Morte" lead an undead cult. Jacque worshipped the TimeSplitters and was in possession of one of the stolen Time Crystals. On Cortez's entrance, he took on the role of Viola, a disguised heroine, partnered with Mister Underwood. They made their way through the cathedral, rescuing Maidens and killing Changelings and hordes of Zombies. Shortly after, Cortez took the Time Crystal from the pedestal and killed the priests.

After releasing a Maiden tied to a rope using the church bells, Jacque summoned another wave of zombies. Shortly after the Hunchback entered with a Shotgun to protect the maiden, and escorted her once the coast was clear. It was later that the necromancer summoned the massive Portal Daemon towering almost two stories of the cathedral. Defeating it, Cortez made his way out to the rooftops, where he was under-fire from the undead priests and TimeSplitters. At the end of the trail, Cortez and Underwood defeated Jacque de la Morte, shortly before the Time Portal was stabilized. Cortez escaped.

2280, Planet X

Main article: Return to Planet X

In the year 2280, the Ozor Mox and Meezor Mox enter their final battles in the Mox Civil War on Planet X. There, Cortez assumed the identity of Hank Nova, a wing commander whose ship was shot down when he arrived there to engage the alien ships. Along with him is Candi Skyler, working for the same troop as Hank Nova.

Once Cortez located the crashed UFO, he ventured inside and found the Time Crystal, stuck behind a door which could not be destroyed. He fell through a hole in the bottom of the UFO, falling to lower ground. Allowing the two Mox races to battle each other, Cortez went through the cliffs and snuck into one of the turret buildings. There he shot down the Mox ships before journeying through the cliffs into an underground base full of UFOs. Killing the Mox, he ran through it and out through a teleporter leading him back into the initial UFO where he retrieved the crystal and escaped through the now stabilized time portal.

2019, NeoTokyo

Main article: NeoTokyo (Story)

A group of hackers led by Sadako broke into the government research labs of NeoTokyo and have stolen a cyber-rig, which has some kind of alien biomatter and is powered by crystal lattice energy. The hackers planted fake computer records at the lab, framing Ghost, another hacker though refusing to join them. Cortez, in the form of Ghost, was being helped by Chastity Detroit, an LAPD officer helping Ghost clear his name.

Cortez discovered one of the hackers and followed her down to their secret base, keeping away from the cameras and police vehicles patrolling the streets. Sneaking into their base, Cortez manned the cameras, watching the hacker input the codes for his own use. Breaking in, Cortez killed the hackers in the base and picked up the Digital Camera. With this he took a photo of their plans, and the TimeSplitter Machine through the window. Uploading the evidence to the police server, the alarms in the base were set off and auto-guns activated. Cortez ran into the room with the TimeSplitter Machine and switched it off while under fire from its blue bolts. Exiting the base, Cortez defeated many hackers and then Riot Officers before finding Sadako, killing her, retrieving the Time Crystal, and escaping through the Time Portal.

1853, Little Prospect

Main article: Wild West (Story)

A man known as "The Colonel", a megalomaniac deserter from the Confederate army, is mining in the town of Little Prospect. He also jailed Ramona Sosa, the local law lady. Elijah Jones, who Cortez has taken the form of, goes after the Colonel and frees Ramona.

He entered the prison to free Ramona, and discovered a gunpowder barrel. Running to the back of the prison, he pushed the TNT loaded truck next to her cell wall, lead a trail of gunpowder to the truck and ignited the trail. It exploded and the truck's explosives blew the wall apart, freeing Ramona. Moving onwards, Cortez was challenged by some of the Colonel's men. Taking them out, he heard the cries of a girl in a barn. The barn was on fire. Entering, Cortez ran to the top floor, and shot the barrels of water above the fire. Journeying on, he discovered where the Colonel was mining, and defeated him. Cortez entered the control room and switched the tracks so he could push the mine cart into the mine. Doing so, Cortez revealed the preserved Time Crystal, which he took shortly before exiting through the portal.

1972, Khallos Island

Main article: Atom Smasher

The archfiend Khallos had a secret island where he housed a state of the art atom smasher. Khallos had several scientists working for him, as well as his troop of Henchmen guarding the base. Agent Harry Tipper, possessed by Cortez, was being held there after being caught on his mission. He escaped from the machine after being left unsupervised by Khallos while he escaped the island from the bombs he set for detonation, and he joined with Harry's girlfriend Kitten Celeste before they explored the base.

Cortez went through the base, killing the Henchman and taking their weapons. He came into contact with the scientists, and got them to disarm the bombs. After finding Khallos, Cortez killed him, took the crystal, activated the reactor and escaped through the time portal, under fire from TimeSplitters.

1920, Lost Temple of T'hochek

Main article: Aztec Ruins (Story)

In Guatemala, the Lost Temple of T'hochek houses the ancient "Jade Crystal", or a Time Crystal to Cortez. A native tribe guards the walls and speak of elemental golems, and gods of another time, or TimeSplitters to Cortez. Cortez in the form of Captain Ash joins up with the Jungle Queen, a native there to investigate the temple.

Under attack by the Aztec Warriors, Cortez defeats them and passes through, torching the Wood Golems. Cortez encountered six pillars, and using his initiative matched the symbols so the identical ones face each other, unlocking a nearby door. Through the door lead him to a lever, opening the gate to the temple. Cortez entered the temple where he encountered Stone Golems. Not having the weapons to defeat them, he trapped them down the holes of the temple, meant to trap intruders. Entering deeper, Cortez discovered the Time Crystal, guarded by more Stone Golems. Now wielding a Grenade Launcher, Cortez destroyed them and exited through the portal.

2315, Dark Machinist Child's Robot Factory

Main article: Robot Factory (Story)

The Dark Machinist Child, an ageless scavenger, modifying himself with whatever mechanica and biological remnants he could find, has created a Power Node network to produce his own robot army. Only a few decades had passed since The Machine Wars, and the Machinist scavenged parts from the remains, creating many robots for his own. Cortez, in the form of the second generation of the Gretel series, Gretel Mark II, accompanied by R-100 Robot, R-109 are there to put an end to the Machinist's works of evil.

Cortez ran out, destroying the ChassisBots and extending the bridge. On the way through the factory. Cortez used an ElectroTool, left within the Factory to help construct it, to destroy the energy nodes. After meeting up with the Machinist, hiding inside his machine, Cortez killed him. After retrieving the crystal, Cortez escaped through the portal for a final time.

2401, Space Station

Cortez witnessing Corporal Hart's death.

Main article: Space Station (Story)

Cortez had recovered all the Time Crystals. Once they were about to make their escape, the TimeSplitters broke through the door and with one strike, killed Corporal Hart. Picking up the crystals, he set the station to self-destruct and made his escape. Before he did, he put on the suit with outer space functionalities, as seen on Male Trooper and makes his way outside the station to shoot down the TimeSplitter fleet. Cortez headed to the hangar where his ship was stationed, and before the station's detonation, exploded the TimeSplitters firing at him from the station.

2401, Spacetime Marine Headquarters

Main article: Time To Split (TimeSplitters Future Perfect)

Upon returning to Earth with the Time Crystals, Cortez and the Spacetime Marine forces are attacked by a group of mysterious cloaked men, along with TimeSplitters infiltrating the area. After a death-defying run, Cortez arrives at headquarters and gives the crystals to the General. Anya, the technician, set up a Time Portal and organized a new mission for Cortez before he could even grieve the death of the lost Hart. Detecting residual time warp signatures, he was sent to the island of Urnsay, bombed under mysterious circumstances.

1924, Urnsay

Main article: Scotland The Brave

Cortez talking to his future self.

Cortez's portal left him in the sea by the island. A man, known by Cortez through his adventure in the form of him through the Aztec Ruins , Captain Ash pulled him up onto his boat. He told Cortez about the inevitable bombing of the island to be executed by the Navy, and how he has a friend on the island. A sniper on the island shot towards the boat, and acting on instinct, Cortez pulled up a Flare Gun, an unfamiliar weapon to him, and shot the sniper. After informing Cortez that the gun was the signal for the Navy to bomb the island, the Navy commenced the attack, leaving Cortez and Ash to venture through a battlefield.

Stealing a truck, they got to the castle and blew open the door with TNT conveniently left by it. Ash and Cortez went their separate ways shortly after, with Ash signalling the Navy. Cortez walked along as his attention was grabbed from above. Cortez, or a Cortez from the future, present from Cortez in the future traveling back a short space of time, called present Cortez through a grate in the floor above. He had a key to the door in front of present Cortez, and gave it to Cortez, telling him to not forget to "pass it on". and giving the key to Cortez, who was given it by Cortez. Cortez later gives the key to a past Cortez, enacting the same discussion as he had heard and said and continues on like the future Cortez did to him.

Cortez overheard a conversation going on in one of the rooms. When Cortez entered, a man escaped through a secret lift and called for his men to shoot at Cortez. Cortez backtracked and later met up with Ash, who was with his friend, the Jungle Queen, known by Cortez through her presence in the Aztec Ruins. Freeing her from the cell, Cortez ran on and was confronted by a tank. Cortez destroyed the tank and went in a lift down into the island where he found the man who escaped earlier, later being identified as a mysterious time-traveler who saw Cortez and got away. Through information left by the time-traveler, he managed to track him to Russia in 1969. After Anya set the coordinates, Cortez was there.

1969, Stanizlav Train Depot

Main article: The Russian Connection

Cortez emerged next to an agent who Cortez was also familiar with. Harry Tipper was spying on Archibald Khallos, a man Cortez also knew from a future event occurring in his past where Khallos was defeated. Khallos had kidnapped Kitten Celeste in revenge for Tipper ruining a plan for world domination unknown to Cortez. The man Khallos was with appeared to be the time-traveller. Khallos also had with him his regenerating army of henchmen.

Tipper and Cortez proceeded where they split as Tipper went through piping and organised to rendezvous under the water tower. When Cortez got there, he climbed the tower to snipe henchman on Tipper's back and he obtained henchmen's costumes to disguise themselves. They entered the depot and turned the power on without being caught. They continued onwards, and using heavy explosives blasted down the door, but not before Tipper is again separated from Cortez, rescuing a hostage. Cortez again catches the time traveller, but he escapes through a time portal. Ignoring the situation, Cortez further aids Tipper in his quest to stop Khallos.

1969, Train System

Main article: The Khallos Express

Missing the train, Cortez uses a pump-train to catch up. Cortez and Tipper proceeded. A chopper flying above appeared to take them out, but they utilize ground to air missiles on the train and destroy the chopper. Again, continuing on, another chopper appeared, but there were no missiles on the car. However, another time paradox occurs and Future Cortez comes to the aid of Cortez with some rockets. The chopper crashes into the train car in front of Cortez, but the car is undamaged, allowing Cortez to continue. Cortez continues on and finds the wormhole and jumps through.

Ending up on another train, the destroyed chopper previously annihilated by Cortez flew in. Now equipped with a HeatSeeker, Cortez shot at it while the past Cortez killed the henchmen firing at the present Cortez. Following onwards, Cortez and Tipper discovered Khallos, who locked them in a room while filling it with chlorine. Using the Temporal Uplink, Cortez pulled the switch to open the doors and vent off the gas. After further exploration, Cortez discovered a French nuclear weaponry which Cortez turned off using an interesting puzzle-like system rather than a password or code. They proceeded for the final confrontation with Khallos who was soon defeated, but not killed. Cortez stopped the train just before Kitten was crushed.

They discovered that the traveller was leading The Brotherhood of Ultra Science. They track the company to a Mansion in 1994, and the night it burns down.

1994, Mansion Of Madness

Main articles: Mansion Of Madness (Story) and What Lies Below

Cortez walked up to the Mansion, seeing a girl looking around it. Jo-Beth Casey was around the Mansion looking for zombies that were rumoured to walk there. Cortez asked her to leave though she refused, revealing that she wanted to enter a gang desperately, and to do so, she had to take photos of the said zombies. Upon entering, lightning struck a tree, causing it to fall upon the front door, trapping the duo. Being trapped inside, Cortez explored and Casey followed.

A scientist warned Cortez to get out shortly before being impaled by a chandelier. Only having been there for a short period of time, Batheads appeared before getting torched by a Flamethrower. Continuing on through the Mansion, many zombies appeared, seeming more intelligent than other zombies encountered by Cortez in the past, wielding weapons. Cortez quickly dispatched the zombies with a revolver. Continuing on, the two are blocked by a wall of fire conjured by a haunting spirit. Seeking an alternate route, they stumble into the courtyard, where two scientists were clinging onto a tree out of reach of the large, mutated worms. One scientist tried to run, but was eaten as soon as he touched the ground. Cortez then dispatched the worms with a flamethrower. The surviving scientist gave him advice about their projects and warning him to stay away from the attic. Continuing on, the two enter a large dining room, where many zombies attack them. After killing all the zombies, a stuffed deer head reanimated itself, jumping out of the wall showing a mutated creature. With some effort, Jo-Beth and Cortez cooperate and destroyed the animal.

Traveling deeper into the depths of the mansion, the two encounter shotgun wielding zombies and large swarms of spiders. The spiders are dispatched by flame from Cortez's flamethrower. However, the encounter scares Jo-Beth into hiding, and Cortez is separated from her.

Upon reaching the attic, they happen to see the spirit again, and disappeared once more after the defeat of the zombies in the room. Cortez headed further in and discovered an massive undead looking creature, coming out of the ground. Firing a few shots at its eye appearing from its stomach managed to defeat it. Upon killing the creature, he reunited with Jo-Beth and they continue through a kitchen, housing undead chefs and grotesque, undead cow carcasses.

Jo-Beth Casey is too quickly separated from Cortez again when venturing into the catacombs of the Mansion. Cortez proceeded to discover Changelings poorly mimicking the form of Casey. Cortez later discovered her, tied up and surrounded by zombies. Defeating them, they continue on. Cortez discovered what they were researching in the Mansion, eternal life, like it was attempted back in the day of Jacque de la Morte tried, the Undead route. Cortez passed the labs and entered one room, Jo-Beth and Cortez fist encountered Jacob Crow. However, he activated a trap that Cortez fell through, leaving Jo-Beth behind. It is unknown what happened to her. Separated, a ghostly cart drove Cortez to the end of the track, meeting his future self, sporting a gun that destroys ghosts. After completing one time paradox loop, Cortez went deep, discovering the monster he encountered before, known as Princess, as titled by its believed owner. Defeating the creature for a final time before Casey would be killed, Cortez discovered the time-traveler, a man named Jacob Crow. Crow set up a timed bomb leaving enough time for him to escape in hope that the remaining zombies were not enough for Cortez. A notable thing about some of the zombies is they shot electricity, similar to how the TimeSplitters do, they were early prototypes.

Casey and Cortez escape from the Mansion to confront Crow. An older Crow transports in and tells the younger Crow about how his long years of research that he did has finally come to something, and gave the younger Crow a time device to skip it at his young age when research first began. Both of them teleported out and Cortez left the Mansion. Anya researched Jacob Crow to not just the leader of the Brotherhood, but the head of U-Genix. In the year of 2052, the U-Genix building was under investigation for illegal research.

2052, U-Genix Building

Cortez and Chen waiting for a lift.

Main articles: Breaking And Entering and You Genius, U-Genix

Cortez traveled through the portal ending up on the rooftops of the building. He watched a woman breaking in to the building, then Cortez started moving. Taking a Mag-Charger from an unsuspecting employee, Cortez took out the cameras and used the Mag-Charger's thermal sight to discover them through walls. Taking out everyone and everything outside, Cortez opened the doors, turned off the lasers, and proceeded to travel down into the building.

Cortez found some controls which controlled a camera turret a few floors below. Using them, he discovered that the woman was under attack, and used the turret for cover for her. Heading down, Cortez discovered Time Disruptor Grenades, an illegal weapon at the time. He also set off the fire detector system which, after being found out, put the pressure on Cortez and less on the other intruder. After Cortez met Amy Chen, the intruder, Cortez allowed her to hack the system to access Crow's floor while covering her. Chen then accessed Crow's terminal, which is used to discover that under the building hides Crow's research labs, yet accessible through the lift.

Cortez moved through the lab and took a worker's ID card (which, if visible, reads "Dr. Gordon Freeman", a reference to "Half-Life"'s Gordon Freeman), and got access to uniform as well as an Injector. They passed as employees and opened the door. The employees looked through the disguises, however, and turned on them. Moving on, Cortez discovers some unnatural mutants, appearing half-Berserker TimeSplitter and half human. He used the injector to take out the mutants from afar, which had shock-radius powers. Crow claims everything is under control on the screens planted around the labs, saying the Brotherhood of Ultra Science is strong, even though his current company is U-Genix.

Using multiple portals, Cortez allowed his past selves and future selves to keep off defenses whilst hacking terminals, and then the same as his future selves did before proceeding to discover Crow. After the confrontation, and the destruction of the robots Crow summoned, Cortez told Crow what he knew about him, surprising both Chen and Crow himself. Not yet actually experiencing the parts of his life Cortez explained, young Crow travels in and exits with old Crow.

Anya believed that the robots were early prototypes of the R-100 series, a series Cortez had encountered before. UltraNet created the robots and the leader of UltraNet was Crow. Anya took Cortez to a time during the Machine Wars to continue his search for Crow.

2243, Machine Wars Ruins

Cortez with a reprogrammed R-110.

Main article: Machine Wars (Story)

Cortez found himself in the war-torn ruins around the UltraNet Complex during the Machine Wars. During this time, the machines battled on; members of the PROMETHEUS, INSETICK, GOLIATH and R-100 series were fighting against the human-resistance. When Cortez entered, he witnessed an R-110 robot take out a few of the rebels, and jumped onto the robot, and reprogrammed it to help Cortez. Following the clued-up resistance, they mentioned they stole a battle tank and use it to carry on through the streets. A future Cortez ran in and took man of the weapons while allowing the present Cortez to drive. After exiting the tank, present Cortez slipped into a hidden location for the rebels and continued out onto the battlefield while future Cortez went a different way, telling present Cortez that he needed to get an implant that he had, and taking the robot.

Angel Forge hacked their way through a door to the processing facility. In this location they gave Robots security implants to access robot patrolled areas. Though unaware what it may do to humans, Cortez proceeded anyway, knowing that his future-self survived. Though taking fatal damage, his wound were healed after exiting. Here Cortez worked his way back to the tank and through a portal to help past Cortez while he drove the tank.

Cortez and R-110 went through the subway and discovered a buggy. Driving down the road, Cortez discovered a GOLIATH mech and took control of it using the controls near it. He used them to destroy the defending fighters, allowing him to easily pass into the worker's entrance with his security implant.

2243, UltraNet Complex

Main article: Something To Crow About

Entering down the lift and through the building, R-110 hacked his way through the doors. Hacking some more, R-110 downloads data regarding the complex and UltraNet, discovering Crow is creating a huge army of TimeSplitters in the building. R-110 also obtained a virus, changing his attitude but not his alliance with Cortez. R-110 opened the door and Cortez picked up an ElectroTool, a tool used to create the TimeSplitter factory, conveniently left there for Cortez to use to his advantage against the Robots, managing to take down the shields of robots.

Cortez charges through Crow's army and heads up leaving R-110. He headed through the doors to discover a sphere, the power source of the facility. Going down to get to the source where it is destroyable, he used a Plasma Grenade to blow up the sphere. Out of the doors release a GOLIATH battle-mech. Destroying it, Cortez went through some vents to reach another room with a massive fix-placed gun. After he killed and destroyed the robots and humans in the area, Cortez blew a hole in the wall by aiming a shot at a massive power node, allowing him to proceed. Upon proceeding, Cortez discovered hundreds, possibly thousands of chambers housing and nurturing the TimeSplitters in stasis. Cortez got to a higher level where he released a power node and blew it up with ElectroTool, stopping it from feeding power to the TimeSplitter chambers, and preventing the TimeSplitters from ever being born.

Cortez discovered a palace at the end of a disengaged electric path, accessible through charging it with electric power. In the main room stood a large cyborg-like creature, shot-down by Cortez following a rather lengthy battle. Just then, R-110 teleports in. Cortez, with his back to the creature, tells the robot they are leaving. However, the creature then got up and proceeded to knock them both to opposite sides of the room, showing itself to be Jacob Crow, having somehow turned himself into the Human/TimeSplitter/Mutant/Cyborg creature to obtain immortality. Crow mentions that Khallos was only used so he could mine the island, linking Cortez back to Urnsay with R-110 to investigate closer.

1924, Kronia

Main article: You Take The High Road

With the TimeSplitters dead, but Crow alive, the creation of the TimeSplitters can still happen in any place, and time with Time Travel by Crow's side. Anya takes Cortez to Kronia, Crow's creation lying under the Scottish isle of Urnsay.

Cortez discovered the Time Assassins, a group of assassins hired to kill Cortez, and discovered they were the hooded people who tried to kill him soon after crash-landing back to Earth. Cortez disguised himself as a Time Assassin and went through the portal, back to 2401 to help past Cortez who had been helped by a future Cortez in the past.

2401, Spacetime Marine Headquarters

Main article: The Hooded Man

Cortez appears above the canyons and just above where he crash-landed after returning from the Space Station. Being seen by the Time Assassins, they easily figured it out, likely due to his size and his trademark goggles. Following past Cortez down the path he once took, he took out the Assassins to stop incoming fire while being another target as a Cortez. Cortez progressed forwards and manned a turret on the bridge to fire at the TimeSplitter Mothership. He shot it from the sky and ran across the bridge to avoid the destruction of the bridge he witnessed on his first-coming. Infesting the path were the TimeSplitters, in a partnership with the Time Assassins, both being related to Crow.

Down the tunnel, Cortez was almost caught in the explosion of the boxes that past Cortez had blown up. Peering from the same-window which was shot through, Cortez shot down the TimeSplitters to protect past Cortez and continued when he was out of sight. Taking a few more TimeSplitters, Cortez headed up a level to the roof where he could shoot the TimeSplitters, and after past Cortez entered the Spacetime Marine Headquarters, Cortez talked to present Anya through the uplink as he traveled back to 1924.

1924, Kronia

Main article: Future Perfect (Story)

Safe in the knowledge that he had foiled the Time Assassins, Cortez returned to the Kronia to find and destroy the source of the Time Crystals. Meeting up with R-110 again, both proceed and take down all the workers in the location and head down into the mines. Cortez picked up the Time Crystal fragment, discovering it was from a meteorite, only to be met by Crow.

Cortez and R-110 proceed to the arena where they pick up the weapons left around to take down Crow. Cortez realizes he is too strong for them when Crow defeats R-110. Anya comes up with a plan to create a time warp by sending Cortez back in time to create two Cortezes so they can take down Crow. Cortez goes along with it and with his past self they successfully defeat Crow. Cortez heads back to home.

2401, Spacetime Marine Headquarters

Cortez, Anya and the General witnessing the reversal of the TimeSplitter effect.

Cortez and R-110 return to Spacetime Marine Headquarters to give the news of Crow's death. Anya says "Look!", and she, Cortez, and the General look outside the window to watch the barren lands turn into a fertile haven. The TimeSplitters never existed, so the events of Cortez in TimeSplitters 2 and TimeSplitters Future Perfect never happened. This brings up the thought that, if the TimeSplitters never existed, and time travel has pretty much been stopped, would the rebel group - the Spacetime Marines - ever have been started up, or would Cortez have even joined? The game states that Hart never died, however, she has no presence in the ending. One would presume she was on an untouched Space Station, but Cortez wouldn't have left without her, and the two would have never needed to go to the Space Station.


Cortez in his original TimeSplitters Future Perfect attire.

  • In Timesplitters 2, he shares his 'fire' scream with only Sgt. Shock, but in TimeSplitters Future Perfect, he yells, "Aye! It burns!".
  • He shares his gesture with Corporal Hart, albeit with different dialogue.
    • He shares his gesture dialogue with his alternate outfit, Dr. Cortez.
  • Cpt. Ash, Harry Tipper, Dr. Peabody, Khallos, Henchman, Chinese Chef, Jo-Beth Casey, Chastity, and Cortez are the only characters in the series to have more than one voice set to themselves.
  • His goggles allow Anya to see what he sees.
  • His "Mr. Space" attire slightly resembles Sergio.
  • Early TimeSplitters Future Perfect screenshots show Cortez to have had a different default attire. In these, he wore a white shirt rather than his grey armour. He can be seen wearing this using the mounted machine gun on the truck of the Scotland the Brave mission on the back of the box. It seems that he kept this design until fairly late in development as this design is also visible in certain cutscenes of the preview build from a few months before the game's release.
  • During the cutscene "Death to Cortez!" taking place after You Take The High Road; preceding the Time Assassins warping through a portal to assassinate Cortez, the identity poster depicted him wearing nothing but a Leopard speedo, a crown, and an Air-space force sash titled "Mr. Space".
  • In TimeSplitters 2, Cortez wears attire that's more informal, consisting of casual black trousers, a black t-shirt, black gloves, grey armour and a bandolier holding two blades to his chest and a piece of unusual machinery producing red light over his left shoulder. Whilst he's in his spaceship back to Earth, from the Space Station, he changes into a grey t-shirt, grey trousers, a different armour vest, and grey finger-less gloves with orange knuckles (the same gloves that the General, Private Hicks and Private Jones wear).
    • His goggles have straps in TimeSplitters 2, but don't in TimeSplitters Future Perfect.
  • Cortez may be a spoof of Riddick from The Chronicles of Riddick series of video games and films. Take for example the outfit, being bald, built body, the goggles and the "deep" voice.
  • Cortez is intended to be a parody of the 'space marine' character seen in many video games, hence the deep voice and the tendency to run straight into any situation without prior thought.
  • In the final mission Of TimeSplitters 2, before Cortez launches the missiles to kill the Timesplitters attacking his ship, he says "This one's for you, baby", referring to Corporal Hart. This could imply they were in a relationship.
  • Cortez's name is likely derived from the Spanish Conquistador Hernán Cortés, who caused the fall of the Aztec Empire in the 16th century.
  • In TimeSplitters Future Perfect, he is voiced by Tom Clarke Hill, who also voiced Colonel Joshua Starke in Second Sight, another Free Radical Design game.