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Sebastian Photon
Species Human
Size Normal
Native Timezone 2020
Related Characters Angel Perez (Partner)
Games TimeSplitters 1

Sebastian Photon appears only in the original TimeSplitters, as one of the nine males, and eighteen core Story protagonists. He is a space-traveller, who visited Planet X in the year 2020. He wears futuristic-looking clothing with a light blue and cream colour scheme.



TS1 Sebastian Photon Small.gif Sebastian Photon

Unlock Complete the first set of three Story missions
Gesture Steps back and readies weapon whilst saying "Roger sir!", before running off screen whilst also saying "I'm going in!".

Sebastian Photon is the playable male character of the Planet X story mission. He also makes an appearance in two challenges and a bot set.


2020, Planet X

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Sebastian Photon, alongside partner Angel Perez, was sent to Planet X on a mission to retrieve a stolen cyberbrain. He and Angel fought their way through the canyons before discovering the aliens' headquarters, where the cyberbrain was held. After taking out the aliens, they retrieved the brain and then proceeded to the beam up coordinates.

Sebastian Photon up close