Scourge Splitter
Scrooge splitter
Species TimeSplitter
Size Normal
Native Timezone 2401
Related Characters Splitter Crow (Creator)
Berserker Splitter (Ally)
Reaper Splitter (Ally)
TimeSplitter 1 (Ally)
TimeSplitter 2 (Ally)
Drone Splitter (Slave)
Baby Drone (Slave)
Games TimeSplitters 2

Scourage Splitter in TimeSplitters 2.

The Scourge Splitter is an elite breed of TimeSplitter, and the leaders of the other types of TimeSplitters, only taking orders from Jacob Crow himself. They appear to emerge after Sergeant Cortez gets closer to obtaining all of the Time Crystals, sporting guns from the time period that you are currently fighting in, unlike all the other TimeSplitter races, who fight by casting bolts of energy. They are the most human-like TimeSplitters and stand on two legs. Their chest cavity is open and purple flames spew out. Their head is a floating, featureless face with white eyes that are lacking pupils (similar to zombies).


TimeSplitters 2

TS2 Scourge Splitter Small Scourge Splitter

Star 5
Unlock Arcade League > Honorary League > Outnumbered But Never Outpunned! > Time To Split with Gold
Gallery Nothing is known about these fearsome leaders of the TimeSplitters. Although, their bondage trousers are admired across the galaxy.
Accuracy Agility Stamina
16/20 12/20 8/20
As the leading TimeSplitter of TimeSplitters 2, the Scourge Splitters appear in a few of the Story missions at the end, usually after the Time Crystal is obtained by the player, but far less so than the grunt Reaper. They also appear in Bags of Fun and Time To Split.


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2401, Space Station

The Scourge Splitters invade the Space Station along with Reapers and their Drones and take the Time Crystals and travel through time. Sergeant Cortez and Corporal Hart, a Spacetime Marine commando team, defend the Space Station and try to hold the 'Splitters back while they retrieve the time crystals.

1932, Chicago

Main article: Chicago (Story)

The crime lord known as "Big Tony" is shown to have possession of a Time Crystal. After he is killed by Jake Fenton and Lady Jane, Scourge Splitters armed with Tommy Guns warp in to try and kill them.

1895, Notre Dame Cathedral

Main article: Notre Dame (Story)

The TimeSplitters travelled with a Time Crystal to 1895, specifically the Notre Dame Cathedral. Jacque de la Morte believed them to be Angels of Time and worshipped them, sacrificing innocent Maidens to them. They fight alongside Undead Priests and de la Morte himself on the roof of the cathedral.

1972, Khallos Island

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Archibald Khallos was in possession of one of the Time Crystals. His arch-nemesis Agent Harry Tipper travelled to the island base and attempted to thwart Khallos' plans. After Khallos was killed, Scourge Splitters appeared armed with Soviet S47 assault rifles in a final attempt to kill Tipper.

2401, Space Station

Main article: Space Station (Story)

After Sergeant Cortez had returned all nine of the Time Crystals to the Space Station, the TimeSplitters broke through their defences. Cortez charged through the station, battling Scourge Splitters armed with Plasma AutoRifles, before activating the station's self-destruct sequence and escaping.


  • He reuses Red Alien's voice clips.
  • His fire scream is exclusive to him, which is just one of his and Red Alien's death sounds
  • If when playing as Scourge Splitter you pick up the Invisibility Powerup, the purple flames remain visible, and are only extinguished when the Splitter is killed.
  • Contrary to what the character abilities say, the Scourge Splitter actually has one of the fastest movement speed tied with characters such as Monkey.
  • The Scourge Splitter's upper body is very similar to that of a Reaper Splitter. It is possible the head and flames burst out from a Reaper Splitter after some kind of metamorphosis.
    • Alternatively, its possible that they are, in fact, Time Assassins taken to the future by Splitter Crow and transformed into their alien state. This is evident by the fact they are the most "human" TimeSplitter appearance wise, the fact they have somewhat similar clothing to Time Assassins, and similar roles in the games they appear in (going after the protagonist in an attempt to eliminate them to cease their meddling in their plans).
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