In Scotland The Brave, Cortez teams up with Captain Ash to save the Jungle Queen and try to find the source of the Time Crystals.



Cortez has been sent back in time to Urnsay, a small island off the coast of Scotland to investigate the time travel energy residues which Anya detected.

On arrival he finds himself in the midst of a battle raging between the British Navy and foreign troops occupying the island.

Fortunately the eccentric Captain Ash has offered to lend a hand. What ho!

Primary Objectives

  • Infiltrate the castle
  • Protect Captain Ash
  • Escape the trap
  • Locate the Time Crystal mining site
  • Gain entry to the meeting hall
  • Destroy the enemy tank
  • Access the underground areas of the island

Secondary Objectives

  • Help Captain Ash rescue his assistant



Drunken Ivor Baddic in Scotland The Brave.

Characters Encountered





Cortez is equipped with the Temporal Uplink, replacing fists. However, Cortez can still punch by using the melee attack while the uplink is equipped. The uplink has two useful features: A radar, similar to the one in TimeSplitters 2, and the ability to pick up objects. The radar, which can be activated in the uplink's secondary mode, is useful in this level for navigating around the complex castle. The primary function is telekinesis, which allows Cortez to pink up virtually anything except enemies.

Captain Ash will give you a pistol. To your left is the rowboat; take the Flare Gun inside of it. Head up the road and hide behind the awning. One fast but dangerous strategy is charging in and clearing the bunker that has three enemies. The second safe strategy is to attach the silencer and carefully place headshots at the two enemies in the bunker. Charge towards the bunker, and a bomb will pick off the third. A Vintage Rifle is in the bunker, take it. Continue up the hill; avoid the house, as it'll be bombed. Three enemies will appear on the hill. You'll hear one yelling orders -- simply take aim at the top of the wall and kill the ones you see. The final enemy is manning a Gun Emplacement. Ignore him for the moment, backtrack to the house next to the bombed one. It contains five grenades that can prove to be useful. Quickly charge to the bunker; if you're lucky (occasionally, the bomb won't drop) a bomb will take him out. There should be an enemy above the castle entrance. Use your rifle to snipe him. Behind one of the houses near the cliff edge there should be an enemy with double Krugers. Kill him to get dual pistols. Captain Ash and Cortez will be trapped in the lower castle. To escape, follow the right wall (after getting the cutscene) to a stairwell, taking out enemies. Cortez will pick up a K-SMG from one of the enemies on the stairs. Use this weapon to blast upstairs to the portcullis switch. There are two -- one opens the gate leading back outside, the other opens the way onward. Once the correct one is opened (Anya will mention the correct one), the water level at the bottom of the room will rise, raising up a gunboat. The gunboat will force Ash into hiding, and you have to take out the gunboat. Don't go downstairs, as the gunboat will unleash a powerful barrage of bullets that will easily kill you. Locate the crane controls and operate them. As soon as you have the turret clamped (by holding the action key), Release the button. Before leaving with Captain Ash, check the first floor for grenades. Outside, shoot out the skylight and toss a grenade inside. It will take out a few enemies inside. Move down the hill and attack the enemies in the garage. There is a health kit (second floor), grenades, and Vintage Rifle ammo inside. Grab them before getting on the truck. You can have Cortez drive or gun (Captain Ash will be gunner or driver, opposite Cortez). Move up the road regardless who is driving. Ride the truck through the gate. Take out the enemies on the ground and hop off when the gun emplacement starts firing. Fall back under cover behind the truck and snipe the gunner first. Use the uplink as Anya recommends on the level switch across the chasm to lower the bridge. Get back into the truck and drive up the last half of the road. Stop near the overturned truck, grab the TNT and place it on the left door. The TNT respawns so don't worry about misplacing it. Go inside and kill the six enemies in the immediate room. Captain Ash will leave momentarily to signal the army to stop the attack and Cortez will meet himself from a time paradox. Head down into the cellar (past the drunk guard) and head up the lift. Captain Ash will not be around to help you out anymore, so move carefully through the castle halls with the K-SMG fully loaded. Take out the first guard on the right using a silent weapon, then when the second and third guard investigate, blast them using the K-SMG. Don't stay in the hallway -- the third guard usually fires through the open gate and with the second guard, can "trap" Cortez. Wipe the floor clean before heading upstairs. Inspect each room for ammo and power-ups, head upstairs and blast the guards in the dining hall. Throw grenades down the hatch and waste all the guards in the dining hall. Use the K-SMG exclusively now, since the Kruger's ammo will be useful later. Before heading up the stairs after killing everyone in the dining hall, look for the kitchen and kill the enemies there. Once that's taken care of, Cortez can safely take out the two or three enemies in the 3rd floor bedroom and be relatively unscathed. Don't miss the K-SMG rocket shots in a small study on the 3rd floor. This is what you'll be using for the tank.

The periscope room has enemies inside. Feel free to toss any grenades you didn't use inside. Without grenades, it is not necessary -- just shoot any part of the enemy and they will come out, making themselves targets. Move across the walkway overlooking the courtyard and meet up with Captain Ash and his "assistant".

To free the assistant (and incidentally unlock her in multiplayer), go into the next prison cell over and locate the red drum. Note this drum has a limited amount of petrol. If you shoot the wrong spots, you will not free the assistant. Take the Kruger and shoot the barrel from top to bottom. Repeat, shoot the barrel from top to bottom. This makes the biggest pool of petrol possible, especially if you wait for the leaking to stop before you make a new hole. Shoot the lantern in the same prison cell and ignite the spilled compounds. The ensuing explosion should be large enough to free the prisoner.

Head downstairs and change to the K-SMG grenade. When Cortez heads past the door, turn left and run down the ramp. The tank will appear and start looking for Cortez. To destroy it, use the K-SMG grenades to cripple the tank to a crawl, then run up and place some TNT on the boss. There are two spots that respawn K-SMG rockets and TNT near the ramp you're on. Use the TK glove to drag the boxes towards you, safe out of the tank's sight. Repeat and wait for the ammo to respawn and destroy the tank. K-SMG rockets applied directly to the tank also work. Destroy the tank and head into its lift. Open the door on the other side of the bridge to end the stage.

Before the tank battle, if playing Co-operative, let one of the players go through the door and the other stay behind. Let that player pick up the weapons around the area where the tank comes out and battles you. But, since it's just one of the two, the tank won't come out. After the player is done, let the other do the same thing. Then after you repeat the secret, both of the players should come out and fight the tank with a lot of ammo.

TimeSplitters Future Perfect Showcase Scotland the Brave

TimeSplitters Future Perfect Showcase Scotland the Brave



  • The castle itself is loosely based upon an Austrian castle called the Hohen Werfen which was used in the film 'Where Eagles Dare' The courtyard with the boss tank is an almost exact copy, the corridor where Clint Eastwood dual wields MP40s is re-created behind the periscope room, and the Meeting hall itself is based on the banquet hall form the climax of the movie, complete with the spiral staircase and balcony that Richard Burton descends .
  • The gate which is blasted out of the way by the truck can be removed another way. Toss a grenade at the gate. This will unlock the gate, allowing you to remove the pieces with the uplink.
  • There is an organ in the room that you are in before you battle the castle tank boss. If you press the action button it will play different tunes, one of them being TimeSplitters 2's Anaconda theme.
  • After you've beaten the tank, if you stay too long on the courtyard, Anya will say: "The General says 'stop playing with the tank and get down below, on the double!'".
  • The drunken enemy is in the wine cellar. He boasts about how he is the best guard.
  • If you drop the Boat turret on the boat, you can see legs sticking out of it. It can still shoot at you. Drop it in the water to remove it completely. The enemy cannot be killed, no matter how many times you shoot its legs. If it is left on the boat sideways or otherwise, it will continue shooting, regardless of whether or not it can actually hit you. Alternatively, if you get him at least partially out, and toss a grenade, he may roll/bounce much like a non-exploding barrel would. Also, the gunner will never stop firing until he is pushed/dropped/rolled/bounced into the water. However, Captain Ash only requires that the gunner not be in the hole for him to continue on.
    • The turret can be carried using the Uplink.
  • In the meeting hall, after you have killed the enemies there, walk up to the side of the fireplace, you will see a switch there, that will take you down a path to an elevator shaft, you can't get in it, but it will give you the "Access the Underground Areas of the island" objective sooner.
  • Interestingly Captain Ash appears to be with the navy, Although in the Aztec Ruins (which happened in 1920, four years before Scotland The Brave) briefing it says he left the military life.
  • In Co-op, the Jungle Queen is not present at all, making Ash's visit to the island in Co-op pointless.
  • When Captain Ash lets you up on the lift in the cellar keep shooting him (when you have use of your weapons) just enough till you're able to move out of the lift, then follow him out to the hallway. The guard that usually walks to the window will spot him and try to attack him but Captain Ash will disappear at the window instead and the guard will attack you.
  • Very rarely, when you get near the meeting room, the Leader himself will come out to attack you. He is armed with a standard Kruger. However, he has infinite health. This is most likely a glitch with the AI and its "listening" abilities, causing the Leader to turn hostile. The only way to "fix" this is to kill yourself, as the door leading to the meeting will be locked, as it is supposed to lock when you go inside, but because the Leader went through it, it caused it to perform its action.
  • The tank in the level bears a striking resemblance to the A1E1 Independent ([1]), an experimental tank made by the British company Vickers in 1922.
  • The music for Scotland The Brave was actually featured in Perfect Dark's Teaser Trailer, only in a more electrical tone.
  • It is possible to get into the meeting room before you're supposed to, giving you a chance to shoot at Crow. He is invincible, and his animation will not stop even when you begin shooting.
  • Originally, the player and Captain Ash were to meet the Navy somewhere in the middle of the mission. This was scrapped for unknown reasons.
  • This is the only level in TimeSplitters: Future Perfect that has a secondary objective.
  • The name of the mission is a reference to a patriotic Scottish song with the same title.
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