The Scifi Autorifle is an automatic weapon appearing bullpup in design. It is featured only in the original TimeSplitters. The Plasma Autorifle in future titles works as a similar replacement to this weapon.



Scifi Autorifle

The Scifi Autorifle view model and spawn model

The Scifi Autorifle can fire two things. Firstly, it can fire similarly to a Raygun, an automatic weapon firing "scifi bullets", these appear to be formed discharges of plasma which explode on impact. Pulling the secondary fire trigger fires a contact "scifi" grenade, which will consume ten ammo each time, the explosion itself differs from regular explosions (TNT, mines etc.) by the fact the flame patch is bright blue rather than red. It is used as the main weapon in the Planet X and Spaceways missions.

When "if best" is switched on, the Scifi Autorifle ranks as the 3rd best weapon on TS1, only beaten by the Minigun (x2) and Rocket Launcher.


  • Despite being ostensibly a plasma weapon, when firing the primary fire, this weapon seems to release spent casings.