TimeSplitters Wiki
(Mag/Max Ammo)
Fire Rate
Rounds per sec (RPS)
16 bps
Reload Time 1 second
Damage (per Single Shot)
Weapon Type SMG
Native Timezone 2019
Zoom Yes, x3.66
Primary Fire Automatic fire
Secondary Fire Automatic fire
Game Appearances TimeSplitters 2

This advanced submachine gun is renowned for its extremely high fire rate in TS2, spewing its 64 round magazine in mere seconds with little recoil.

It has a long-range scope (based on the real-life EOTech Holographic), which is unique; the screen becomes more blue-tinted and full of static as you zoom in further, simulating the effects of an electronic scope. A similar effect can be seen in the Lasergun.

A notable trait of the SBP90 is that it has the same damage as Luger bullets, making this a deadly weapon.

Like several weapons in TimeSplitters 2, it can be dual-wielded.

It is believed to replace TS1's Uzi, as it was featured in trailers for TS2 in the place of the SBP90.

Its TimeSplitters Future Perfect counterpart is the later version of this gun, the SBP500.


  • It's based on the real-life FN Herstal P90 Standard.
  • Having 64 rounds might hint the name of the Nintendo 64, a console that Rare makes most of their games for. A nod to Free Radical's origins.
  • The origin of the SBP series (of which so far only the SBP90 and the SBP500 are known to be included) is not known, but the SBP500 is used by the security forces of U-Genix. Since U-Genix is a weapons company, it would seem likely that they would arm their forces with their own weapons. If that is the case, then the SBP series weapons are most likely of an American origin (since U-Genix seems to be based in the United States). How the SBP90 made its way to Japan is unknown, but this would suggest that U-Genix was a very successful company, whose weapons appealed to the international market.
    • Alternatively, it is possible that the SBP series is owned by Belgian firm Fabrique National, who made the real-life P90, which would explain how the series has spread worldwide.
    • Finally, it is also possible that the SBP90 is an FN P90, modified by U-Genix and resold as their own.