Ammo 64/256
Fire Rate
bullets per sec/cartridge time
16 p/s
Reload Time 2.5 secs
Damage (per Single Shot)
Type High Rate Fire
Native Timezone 2052
Zoom Yes, x1.33
Primary Fire Fire
Secondary Fire N/A
Games TimeSplitters Future Perfect

The SBP500 is one of the most powerful submachine guns in TimeSplitters Future Perfect. As is implied by its name, it is similar to the SBP90 Machinegun from TimeSplitters 2, which was based on the real-life Fabrique Nationale P90. While some elements of the P90 can be still seen in the SBP500, overall the weapon is far more futuristic in design.

This weapon features a 64-round top-loading magazine akin to the real-life P90, although the reload mechanism is quite different and somewhat unorthodox; the player first breaks the weapon like a shotgun, and then an automatic extraction system (judging by the sound made in the process) ejects the magazine to the rear so that it may be removed. The player then feeds in a fresh magazine, again with the assistance of the automatic mechanism, and snaps the fore-end back into position, apparently simultaneously cocking the weapon.

The SBP500 seems to have an integral sound suppressor and offers a very high rate of fire, around 900 rounds a minute. Coupled with its large magazine, this latter fact makes it ideally suited to close-quarters engagements, although care should be taken as it still capable of draining its ammunition supply surprisingly quickly.


  • Despite the fact that the SBP500 appears to be fitted with a sound suppressor, it still gives off a large (and quite impressive) muzzle flash, one of the things suppressors are designed to minimize.
  • As previously mentioned, the SBP500's name and design rather obviously link it to the SBP90 from TimeSplitters 2, which in turn is derived from the RCP90 from Goldeneye. All based on the real world gun, the FN Project 1990.
  • The SBP90 is found in futuristic Japan. The SBP500 is found only in the U-Genix building, which is based in what is most-likely a futuristic United States.
  • The link between the SBP500 and the SBP90 is similar to the link between the AR33 from GoldenEye 007 and the AR34 from its pseudo-sequel Perfect Dark, both games for the Nintendo 64, developed by Rare. Some of the developmental team who worked on the TimeSplitters games were previously employed by Rare when those games were made. Although some developers came to FRD as fans of Goldeneye.
  •  It also has a holographic thermal scope on it but it cannot be used.

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