Rocket Launcher
Ammo TS1: 1-3/29-27
TS2: 3/27
TSFP: 6/6
Fire Rate
bullets per sec/cartridge time
TS2 : 2.5/s
TSFP : 1 p/s
secondary : 2 p/s
Reload Time TS1: ?
TSFP: 3.5 seconds
Damage (per Single Shot)
Up to 165%
Type Explosive
Native Timezone 2005 (TS1 variant), 2243 (TSFP variant)
Zoom No
Primary Fire Launches Rocket
Secondary Fire TS1: Launches three rockets
TS2: Launches three Rockets
TSFP: Launches entire magazine
Games All

The Rocket Launcher has appeared in every TimeSplitters game so far. It has very powerful explosive shots that can kill a player in one shot, although robots can endure more damage from rockets before succumbing. The secondary fire shoots three rockets at once, which dispatches enemies over a wider area, given that the secondary fires three rockets in different directions.



When "if best" is switched on, the Rocket Launcher ranks as the best weapon on TS1, even though it is not recommended for close-quarter combat (a fact AI bots seem to completely ignore).

An interesting fact about the Rocket Launcher in TS1, is that there are no rockets in the tube itself (by looking down whilst aiming).

Timesplitters 2Edit

The TS2 version has undergone a rigorous change since TS1. The rocket launcher is now more greenish. Along with a frame above the launching tube, which contains 2 rockets.

Up to 30 rockets can be carried (27 in stock plus 3 in clip) and has a 3 round clip. They are incredibly destructive and are ideal for group clearance. However it is advisable that the weapon is forbidden for close quarters as the nature of the weapon can get suicidal.

One thing to note is that the rockets tend to be inaccurate at range, as they ascend rapidly during flight. This can be compensated to aim below the target when engaging from long range but these rockets travel quickly and have unlimited range, unlike their slower homing counterparts.

The secondary mode fires off all three rockets simultaneously. This method of fire will often eliminate groups of even the toughest enemies. However, this method of fire consumes ammo at a very alarming rate; you can expend a full stockpile of 30 rockets in a little over 10 seconds. This method of fire is only advised at the lower end of medium range. Any farther and the rockets will spread too much to warrant this fire mode; any closer and it's easy to kill yourself.

Timesplitters: Future PerfectEdit

The TSFP Rocket Launcher has appeared in Something to Crow About. It is a somewhat similar, in terms of colour, with the Homing Launcher with the main structure in red with a white flang at the top and areas of yellow and black. It also has a strange reloading mechanism, where an arm elevates to the back of the weapon and takes a rocket, from the magazine, and positions it into the firing position.

Another neat trick is that, when the secondary fire is used, the arm elevates to the back of the weapon and then it fires a phenomenal volley of the entire clip's contents, making it useful for room clearance. However, this method of fire should only be used against masses of enemies; the low reserve ammo coupled with the continuous firing make this a horribly inefficient fire mode.

Note : Throwing a grenade or plasma grenade when using the secondary fire will make the rocket launcher stop shooting.

2015-12-20 00009

The Rocket Launcher's secondary function in action.