The Reload is a command in the TimeSplitters that allows a player to refill their current magazine to the maximum the the weapon's magazine can hold unless there isn't enough, in which case it will refill to the highest possible. A gun will automatically reload after a gun expends an entire magazine; however, in TimeSplitters and TimeSplitters 2 if the trigger is still held it won't reload until it is let go. There is also a button to manually reload (See: Controls) which will spare all the rounds left in the magazine but take from your stash what is needed to refill your magazine. In the original TimeSplitters and TimeSplitters 2, after switching to a weapon, the weapon will always have a full magazine.



In the original TimeSplitters, every weapon has a global cartridge reload time. It lasts approximately 0.47 seconds. The same two-click reload sound is used for each weapon (Excluding the Rocket Launcher), as well as the same reload animation, despite all of their differences. Although Shotgun uses unique reload animation: At first the shotgun breaks open, ejecting the shells, lowers down the and snaps back shut, returning to idle position. The whole animation takes about 0.5 seconds.


Weapon Reload Time
Fists N/A
Pistol 00:00.47
M16 00:00.47
Assault Rifle 00:00.47
Sniper Rifle 00:00.47
Raygun 00:00.47
Raygun Carbine 00:00.47
Scifi Autorifle 00:00.47
Scifi Handgun 00:00.47
Proximity Mine N/A
Remote Mine N/A
Timed Mine N/A
Tommy Gun 00:00.47
Assault Shotgun 00:00.47
Uzi 00:00.47
Blunderbuss 00:00.47
Colt Pistol 00:00.47
Shotgun 00:00.47
Brick N/A

TimeSplitters 2

In TimeSplitters 2, a standard reload time was again used, although there were some exceptions. Most weapons reload for approximately 1 second, with the first 0.5 seconds spent reloading the magazine, and the other 0.5 seconds spent raising the gun. The same two-click reload sound is used for each weapon that uses the standard, as well as the same reload animation, despite all of their differences.

A notable weapon which does not follow the standard is the Tactical 12-Gauge. This weapon can store a maximum of eight shells. The gun reloads one round at a time, so if a player manually reloads after firing a single round, it will take less time to fill the magazine than if they had fired all eight. This leads to a common tactic of reloading after each shot fired, thus saving a lengthy wait upon emptying the magazine, during which time the player would be vulnerable to enemy fire. Another way to avoid the weapon's lengthy reload is to exploit a glitch in the game, whereby switching momentarily to another weapon and then switching back to the 12-Gauge will instantly refill its magazine.

Also of note is the double-barrelled shotgun, which is the only other weapon in TimeSplitters 2 with a unique animation; while it still lowers off-screen to reload, immediately prior to this the two empty shells are ejected from the breach.

Strangely, the Rocket Launcher only takes roughly half a second to reload, which it does silently.


Weapon Reload Time
Fists N/A
Silenced Pistol 00:01.0
Luger Pistol 00:01.0
Garrett Revolver 00:01.0
Crossbow 00:01.0
Vintage Rifle 00:01.0
Sniper Rifle 00:01.0
Shotgun 00:01.0
Tactical 12-Gauge 00:05.0
Soviet S47 00:01.0
Tommy Gun 00:01.0
Scifi Handgun 00:01.0
Lasergun N/A
ElectroTool N/A
Plasma Autorifle N/A
SBP90 Machinegun 00:01.0
Minigun N/A
Grenade Launcher 00:01.0
Rocket Launcher 00:00.47
Homing Launcher N/A
Proximity Mine N/A
Remote Mine N/A
Timed Mine N/A
Fire Extinguisher N/A
Brick N/A
Silenced Luger* 00:01.0
Desert Eagle** 00:01.0

* Not available in Arcade.
** Not used in the game.

TimeSplitters Future Perfect

In TimeSplitters Future Perfect, most weapons use different reload times, depending on the weapon. They also have individual reload animations; for example, contemporary weapons tend to feature the removal and replacement of a magazine, while other, more exotic armaments have equally exotic animations.


Weapon Reload Time
Fists N/A
Baseball Bat N/A
Pistol 9mm 00:02.0
Kruger 9mm 00:02.0
LX-18 00:02.0
Scifi Handgun 00:02.5
Revolver 00:02.5
Injector 00:04.0
Mag-Charger 00:03.0
Flamethrower N/A
Machinegun 00:01.6
K-SMG 00:03.0
Shotgun 00:03.0
Dispersion Gun N/A
Tactical 12-Gauge 00:09.0
Soviet Rifle 00:03.0
Harpoon Gun 00:01.5
ElectroTool N/A
Plasma Autorifle N/A
SBP500 00:03.0
Minigun N/A
Rocket Launcher 00:04.0
Heatseeker N/A
Ghost Gun N/A
Scifi Sniper 00:04.0
Vintage Rifle 00:03.0
Sniper Rifle 00:03.0
Flare Gun 00:02.0
Proximity Mines N/A
Remote Mines N/A
Timed Mines N/A
Grenades N/A
Plasma Grenades N/A
Time Disruptor Grenades* N/A

* Not available in Arcade.

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