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Red Alien
Red Alien.png
Species Alien
Size Normal
Native Timezone 2020 - 2035
Related Characters Green Alien (Ally)
Pillar Alien (Ally)
Float Alien (Ally)
Female Alien (Ally)
Siamese Cyborg (Ally)
Spaceways Stewardess (Ally)
Games TimeSplitters

Red Alien appears only in the original TimeSplitters and is a generic type of Alien living on the Planet X in the early 21st century. Their faces are bug-like and they have little antennae, similar to flies. Their bodies are much bigger and bulkier than that of the Green Aliens.



TS1 Red Alien Small.gif Red Alien

Unlock Complete Spaceways on Easy in 01:05.0
Gesture Acts startled, then growls at the player.

The Red Alien appears in the first game in his first and last appearance in the TimeSplitters Series. They appear as generic enemies during Story Missions; and out of Story, as a duck hunter, alongside the Green Alien.


2020, Planet X

Main article: Planet X (Story)

These inhabitants of Planet X, alongside the Pillar Aliens and Green Aliens, stole a cyberbrain. Troopers Sebastian Photon and Angel Perez were deployed on their mission to recover it and to get to the extraction point.

2035, Spaceways

Main article: Spaceways (Story)

After the events of Planet X, not all of the Red Aliens were killed. Due to the lack of meaning for the Spaceways Mission in the game, it appears they are just another set of characters that are shooting without motivation.