Reaper Splitter
Reaper Splitter.jpg
Species TimeSplitter
Size Normal
Native Timezone 2401
Related Characters Splitter Crow (Creator)
Scourge Splitter (Commander)
Berserker Splitter (Ally)
TimeSplitter 1 (Ally)
TimeSplitter 2 (Ally)
Hybrid Mutant (Mutated human with Reaper features)
Games TimeSplitters 2

The Reaper Splitter are the brute fighters in the TimeSplitters' forces. They are able to release blue bolts of energy, and have the ability to teleport. These TimeSplitters are the only ones which appear in the cutscenes of TimeSplitters 2. They have a characteristic open mouth, and their arms resemble scythes, where their name most likely stemmed from.

An interesting characteristic about Reaper Splitters is that if an AI bot is a Reaper they will instantly kill another character in usually one (rarely more) punch.


TimeSplitters 2

TS2 Reaper Splitter Small.png Reaper Splitter

Star 5.gif
Unlock Complete Space Station on Normal
Gallery Selectively bred for strength and ferocity. Reapers are the main combatants of the TimeSplitter army.
Accuracy Agility Stamina
18/20 12/20 10/20

As the main fighting TimeSplitter of TimeSplitters 2, Reaper Splitters appear in the majority of the Story missions at the end, usually after the Time Crystal is obtained by the player. In Badass Buspass Impasse, But Where Do The Batteries Go? and Hit Me Baby One Morgue Time, the Reaper Splitters act as they do in Story mode, performing the same role as the original two TimeSplitters in the original TimeSplitters. They also appear in Bags of Fun.


Main article: TimeSplitter

2401, Space Station

The Reaper Splitters invade the Space Station and take the Time Crystals and travel through time. Sergeant Cortez and Corporal Hart, a Spacetime Marine duo, defend the Space Station and try to hold the TimeSplitters back while they retrieve the time crystals.

1990, Siberia

Main article: Siberia (Story)

The ancient remains of a single Reaper are present at Oblask Dam in a biohazard container. After being found in an archeological dig, Soviet scientists attempted to extract its DNA to create super-soldiers, which ended in failure. No live TimeSplitters actually appear in the level.

1895, Notre Dame Cathedral

Main article: Notre Dame (Story)

The TimeSplitters travelled with a Time Crystal to the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Jacque de la Morte believed them to be Angels of Time, and so he worshipped them, sacrificing innocent Maidens to appease them. Their 'evil aura' is said to have brought the cathedral's stone gargoyles to life.

2280, Planet X

Main article: Return to Planet X

On Planet X, the TimeSplitters attempted to interfere with the Mox Civil War. They gave one of the crystals to the Mox, in order to hide it from Sgt Cortez.

2019, NeoTokyo

Main article: NeoTokyo (Story)

A gang in the Tek Quarter of NeoTokyo have stolen a cyber-rig, which they have combined with a captive Reaper Splitter in order to power it. The Time Crystal is possessed by the gang's leader, Sadako.

1853, Little Prospect

Main article: Wild West (Story)

A Time Crystal was hidden within the mines of Little Prospect. The Colonel and his gang tried to retrieve it, with the Reaper Splitters appearing after it is uncovered.

1972, Khallos Island

Main article: Atom Smasher

Archibald Khallos was in possession of one of the Time Crystals. Agent Harry Tipper made his way to his island, where Khallos housed an Atom-Smasher. After Khallos was eliminated, Reapers appeared alongside Scourge Splitters in order to prevent the seizure of the Time Crystal.

1920, Lost Temple of T'hochek

Main article: Aztec Ruins (Story)

The natives living in the Guatemalan jungles had one of the Time Crystals. Guarding the Lost Temple of T'hochek, which housed the Time Crystal, which they believed to be the "Jade Crystal" of legend. To these natives, the TimeSplitters were thought of as gods.

2315, Dark Machinist Child's Robot Factory

Main article: Robot Factory (Story)

The Dark Machinist Child had another one of the Time Crystals, while hidden deep within his factory, producing robots to recommence the Machine Wars.

2401, Space Station

Main article: Space Station (Story)

Sergeant Cortez had returned all nine of the Time Crystals to the Space Station. Just after this achievement, the TimeSplitters broke through and defeated Corporal Hart. Cortez charged through the TimeSplitters, activating the self-destruction of the station. Getting away from the station, he watched it blow up, along with all the remaining TimeSplitters on-board.


  • There is a bug in TimeSplitters 2, where when a player selects Reaper Splitter for the story mode of a Mapmaker map, they cannot pick up and use a weapon. This is probably due to the fact that the Reaper Splitters in story mode can only use their bolt power when attacking. Despite this, it is still not possible to use this power or activate teleportation.
  • In Mapmaker, a Reaper Splitter is one of only two Story AI characters (the other being Drone Splitter) that cannot be instantly killed by a punch to the back of the head before it spots you.
  • In the PS2 version, the save icon in the internal memory browser is the head of a Reaper Splitter.
  • In the German version of TimeSplitters 2, they´re called "Berserk-Splitter", meaning that, in the German versions, the Reaper Splitter and the Berserker Splitter have the same name.
  • The Reaper Splitter and Drone Splitter reuse the TimeSplitter 1 and TimeSplitter 2 voice clips. The Berserker Splitter reuses them in TimeSplitters Future Perfect. The Baby Drone Splitter uses high-pitched versions of these clips.
  • Contrary to what the character abilities say, the Reaper Splitter actually has one of the fastest movement speed tied with characters such as Monkey.


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