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Species Robot
Size Large
Native Timezone 2243
Related Characters R-108 (Predecessor)
R-109 (Predecessor)
Jacob Crow (Creator)
Games TimeSplitters Future Perfect

R-110 is a Robot from the R-100 Series who fought in The Machine Wars in 2243. Despite what it seems, the R-100 Series were an evil series of Robot created by UltraNet.


TimeSplitters: Future Perfect

TSFP R-110 Small.png R-110

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Unlock Default
Gallery This season’s model from the popular R-100 series of war robots.
Gesture Aggressively aims a Dispersion Gun off-screen and says "Eat my laser! EAT IT!"
Speed Stamina Shock Proof Fire Proof
5/8 5/8 5/8 8/8

The Machine Wars, 2243

"You've managed to subvert a battledroid's programming? That's impressive, we've never been able to do it."
Mordecai Jones

During The Machine Wars, R-110 served in UltraNet's robotic army. He fought against the Human rebels and was highly skilled at taking out his targets until Sergeant Cortez managed to open his head and access his computerized brain. He adjusted his settings to make him think that he was an ally of the human rebels. R-110 aides Cortez and hacks into a computer terminal to help Cortez control a massive GOLIATH SD/9 robot.

Something To Crow About, 2243

"Your mama was a trash compactor!"

After Cortez reached the base R-110 helped him access locked doors by hacking into the computer locks. When he hacks into one computer he is infected with a computer virus that grants him a new, more human personality. He is tougher, more gung-ho and much more humorous then he was before. He provides cover for Cortez as he headed up the elevator to destroy the TimeSplitters and he eventually hacked into the teleportation grid, allowing him to rejoin Cortez shortly after he defeated Splitter Crow for the first time.

You Take The High Road, 1924

"Look, a prehistoric robot!"

When he travels back in time Cortez decides to take R-110 with him. R-110 accidentally falls down a pipe and doesn't appear until close to the end of the level. He attempts to go with Cortez to save his past self, but Cortez tells him to stay behind due to the fact that R-110 was simply too bulky to fit into the Time Assassin disguises.

Future Perfect, 1924

"I only wanted to be loved."

R-110 appears once more to aid Cortez in his final battle against Splitter Crow. He gets killed in the first round by a laser blast from Crow but Anya activates a time loop that allows Cortez's past self and another R-110 to appear and defeat Crow.

Epilogue, 2401

"...and you brought me back a robot!"

R-110 travels with Sergeant Cortez back to his time and the General is extremely happy that Cortez has brought back a robot. However, due to the destruction of the Time Crystals, R-110 ceases to exist and instantly disappears, much to The General's disappointment.


At first, R-110 is just like any other robot. He does whatever he is ordered to without question and speaks with a robotic voice. However, after he receives the virus, he gains a massive personality change, and behaves much more human-like. He enjoys destroying other robots and often taunts his enemies before taking them down. Despite being somewhat dim-witted, R-110 remains loyal to Cortez, and is even willing to risk his life for him, despite the latter being a human (a race which R-110 has a deep hatred against).


  • Like the other R-100 Series robots, he uses robotic versions of Jacques Misere/Slick Tommy/Private Hicks' voice clips.
  • R-110 is the first robot in the R-100 series robots to not be in any way related to a Gretel model robot.
  • R-110, Goliath, Prometheus SD/7, and Prometheus SK/8 share the same first-person hand models, albeit retextured.
  • In the intro for Machine Wars, R-110 is revealed to have mechanical eyeballs in his head.
  • In the intro for Machine Wars, when Cortez hacks R-110, An image can be seen on his screen of a robot woman and folders marked "Killing", "Death", "Hate" and "Laundry".
  • When noticing that the destroyed fighters were early prototypes for the R-100 series in 2052, Cortez may be referring to the R-100 Fighter that he fights directly in the next level. Otherwise, it directly contradicts the fact that R-108 was from 2035.
  • In the briefing for Robot Factory, R-109 is described as "top of the line", but in Machine Wars (a level that takes place 72 years prior), R-110 (R-109's successor) is present. An explanation could be that the R-110 is a prototype, or a failed model that has been removed from production.
  • When R-110 patches into the computers at the start of Something to Crow About, the method used to patch-in is a reference to Star Wars robot, R2-D2. However, the positioning of the port on R-110's body is a reference to Kryten from Red Dwarf, who can attach many devices into his 'groin socket'.
  • He references a number of films.
    • Army of Darkness/Aliens - While heading towards Crow's secret lab, R-110 yells "Who wants some? You want summa this, eh?" This seems to be a nod towards Ash's rant in the beginning Army of Darkness or Hudson's taunts before he is killed at the end of Aliens.
    • Battlestar Galactica - After Cortez subverts the R-110 droid at the beginning of the Machine Wars level, it says "By your command". This is a reference to the Cylons.
    • Evolution - At the start of the level "You Take The High Road", R-110 is seen dancing in the submarine as it descends to the mining facility. This is a reference to the scene where Harry Block is dancing in the lift descending to the meteorite crater.
    • Judge Dredd - In the Machine Wars mission, the way Cortez takes control of the R-110's brain is similar to the ABC Robot in the film.
    • Battle Royale - R-110's dying line is "I only wanted to be loved."
    • Jules Verne - The drill that takes Cortez and R-110 deeper to the end of the level "You Take The High Road" stops at 20,000. Similarly at this time, R-110 alludes to another of Jules Verne's works by saying "Journeying to the center of the Earth? Oooooh."