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Species Robot
Size Large
Native Timezone 2243 - 2315
Related Characters R-108 (Predecessor)
R-110 (Successor)
Gretel Mark II (Partner)
Dark Machinist Child (Arch-Nemesis)
Jacob Crow (Creator)
Games TimeSplitters 2

R-109 is very similar in appearance to his predecessor, R-108. He is a large, grey robot with bulky arms and legs. He has had the longest known lifespan of an R-100 Series robot as an individual, lasting from the Machine Wars of the mid-23rd century to the early 24th century.


TimeSplitters 2

TS2 R-109 Small.png R-109

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Unlock Default
Gallery An upgrade of the now outdated R-108, the R-109 is a war robot, built for heavy duty combat. His reasons for destroying the Machinist are more personal than his partner Gretel II, R-109 wants revenge for all his fallen comrades killed in the Machine Wars.
Accuracy Agility Stamina
17/20 4/20 20/20

R-109 appears in TimeSplitters 2 as the next version in the R-100 series appearing in every game. R-109 appears in the Robot Factory mission along side Gretel Mark II from the Gretel series.

R-109 appears in Night Shift, Spoils of War, Demolition Derby, R-109 Beta and Starship Whoopers Arcade League matches. Although not appearing in the Ice Station bot set, he does in the Robot Factory, Scrapyard, Ufopia, Site and Sidekicks bot sets. R-109 Beta is a notable challenge for R-109 as it features many prototype R-109s in a field test. R-109 also features in But Where Do The Batteries Go? as an enemy to R One-Oh-Seven and ally to the forces of the Dark Machinist Child, contradictory to his canon.


2243, Machine Wars battleground

R-109 was a fighter in the Machine Wars. The R-100 series, a series of fighting robots created by Jacob Crow of UltraNet. While Crow ultimately failed, some robots survived, including this individual R-109.

2315, Dark Machinist Child's Robot Factory

Main article: Robot Factory (Story)

UltraNet still lived even after the massacre of their robots and the downfall of their leader, seemingly taken over by Human rebel forces. The Machine Wars left massive impediments to all involved and over the half-century, there was silence between all factions, except one. The Dark Machinist Child had secretly restored a power node network to produce a robot army to exact his own revenge. UltraNet discovered this and sent R-109 and Gretel Mk. 2 to put a stop to this. In this case, R-109 was also seeking to avenge the deaths of his fellow machines during the Machine Wars. The two robots battled through the factory and ultimately killed the Machinist, ending this possible resurgence of conflict.