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Species Robot
Size Normal
Native Timezone 2035
Related Characters R-109 (Successor)
R-110 (Successor)
Gretel (Partner)
Games TimeSplitters 1

R-108 appears only in the original TimeSplitters, as one of the nine males, and eighteen core Story protagonists. He is the first appearance of the R-100 Series of robots, being the slimmest and smallest of the three that have appeared in the games thus far.



TS1 R-108 Small.gif R-108

Unlock Complete the second set of three Story missions
Gesture Starts disassembled; when selected, his body parts float up and connect to each other making various robotic noises as they do so, finished by him saying "On-line."

R-108 is the playable male character of the Spaceways story mission. He also makes an appearance in three challenges and a bot set.


2035, Spaceways

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R-108 appears alongside Gretel for the Spaceways mission. It is the most futuristic level of the game, featuring many forms of aliens and cyborgs as enemies. The mission involves grabbing a basket of some duty free goods and boarding the "Yareel Express", with no known reason to be under fire.


  • R-108 seems to use voice clips from Jacques Misere, but edited to sound robotic. These are later reused for R-109 and R-110.