Putrid Punchout
TS1 Challenge 1-B Putrid Punchout
Game TimeSplitters
Section 1
Location Mansion
Character Det. Harry Tipper
Targets Brown Zombie
Girl Zombie
Jacket Zombie
Police Zombie
Skull Zombie
Rewards Brown Zombie
Green Zombie
30 Heads
00:38.0 (Silent Thunder)
Putrid Punchout is Challenge 1-B in the original TimeSplitters. It involves punching the heads off Zombies in Mansion, whilst staying alive. It comes after Behead The Undead and before Dusk of the Dead.


Shooting zombies is just too easy! Let's see if you can knock 30 heads off in one minute only your bare knuckles.


It is suggested you stand back, and then run into them punching. The amount of deaths you get doesn't matter in this mission, all that matters is knocking the heads off of the zombies. It doesn't matter where your fist lands, as their head still gets knocked off regardless.

Another strategy is to take advantage of the respawn-invincibility to quickly get several kills. Since respawning is as fast as you can press the button, you lose basically no time unless you for some reason led the zombies far away from your spawn point.

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