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Species Beast
Native TimeZone 1994
Relations Lenny Oldburn (Feeder)
Appearances TSFP
Mansion Of Madness
What Lies Below

Princess is a boss character in the 1994 levels in TimeSplitters Future Perfect. She is a large zombie-like creature with an eye in her stomach. Due to her huge size, Princess is not a playable character. Some think she could have been shrunken down to be made playable, similarly to how the Cropolite was in TimeSplitters 2.


1994, Mansion Of Madness

Main articles: Mansion Of Madness (Story) and What Lies Below

Sergeant Cortez faces off against Princess twice in the 1994 levels. In The Mansion Of Madness, Princess uses fire-breathing attacks. Her weakest spot is the eye in her stomach. Wait for her to open it before firing at it, however, because shooting at the closed eye does very little damage. When her eye is not open, shoot at her head. The Shotgun is the preferred weapon here.

ZeEmoticon Princess.png

You face off against Princess again in What Lies Below. This time around, Jo-Beth Casey is in danger, and you only have about a minute to finish the job before she dies (Incidentally, Jo-Beth is trapped in a cage reminiscent of the one used in Thugee sacrifices in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. This theory is enhanced by Jo-Beth spontaneously combusting if you leave her too long). This time, Princess' weak spot is the propane tank in her mouth. Use the Harpoon Gun to shoot at the canister when her mouth is opened.

If you are playing in Co-Op mode, Jo-Beth will be replaced by Princess' feeder.


  • Princess is based on the 'curry monster' seen at the end of the episode 'DNA' in the cult comedy sci-fi TV series Red Dwarf. The curry monster shares the same teeth as princess and was also defeated when a canister (in this case, a can of lager) gets lodged in exactly the same position in its mouth, before it is destroyed by a plasma cannon, melting the monster instantly. Also, the main character, Dave Lister, uses genetic alteration to turn him into a 'super-human' in the episode. Inevitably, it goes wrong, turning him into a tiny cyborg, very similar to Cyborg Chimp.
  • Princess was originally going to be a playable character but was cut, due to size.
  • In What Lies Below, Princess has a bandage on her eye. This was presumably put there by Lenny Oldburn however it is not known how he managed to put it there.
  • The Scientist who was pulled into the pit at the beginning of the level is shown to still be alive. As he tries in vain to defend himself, Princess will then grab him in her mouth and throw him against a rock and into the lava below. This act also causes the propane tank to become stuck in her mouth.