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The PlayStation 2 was Sony Computer Entertainment's second home video game console. It succeeded the original PlayStation (released in 1995) and preceded the PlayStation 3 (released in 2006). The PS2 itself was released in 2000. Every official TimeSplitters game has been released for the PlayStation 2. It is still the best-selling game console ever created, with 155 million units sold.

Recent Years

Due to the success of the PlayStation 3, SCEI lowered support for the PS2 in recent years. The PlayStation 2 was finally discontinued in 2012 in Japan and in 2013 worldwide, 13 years after its release in 2000.

List of TimeSplitters games released for the system


  • TimeSplitters 1 was a launch game for the system.
  • A small number of games can be played in high definition.
  • The PlayStation logo on the disc tray can be turned clockwise for whenever the console is standing.
  • The towers seen on the start up screen represent how much saved data is on the system. For example, very few or no towers indicate not a lot of saved data, and many towers indicate a full memory card.
  • The PS2 had one of the longest lifespans in console history, with 13 years. Only a small number of consoles have lasted even longer, most notably the SEGA Master System, which was released in 1985 and is still available today.
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